Do you often think of giving up in life? Do you think you have had enough of it and motivation is the last word you can think of? Read on to get few tips on how to stay motivated.

How To Stay Motivated

Have you people seen the film “Jerry McGuire”? If you have, you surely vividly remember the scene where Jerry talks to Rod Tidwell and says “I will not rest until I have you holding a Coke, wearing your own shoe, playing a Sega game featuring you, while singing your own song in a new commercial starring you, broadcast during the Super bowl, in a game that you are winning, and I will not sleep until that happens. “ Jerry aka Tom Cruise manages to stay afloat through all his miseries and finally secures Rod, his only client, a contract worth $11.2 million! This is nothing but motivation. Whether you wish to be famous or rich, staying motivated all through is all that is required to achieve success. When a reporter asked Arnold Schwarzenegger how he managed to top the charts in bodybuilding, can you guess what he replied? “Drive” was the word. This single word can help you overcome insurmountable obstacles and garner your life just the way you want. This article gives an insight as to how can you stay motivated and benefit your life by achieving long cherished goals.
Staying Motivated
  • Remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Quite often we jump down to conclusions thinking that our neighbors are doing better than us, leading a far more decent life, working in a better office, getting more perks and the chain of thoughts in never-ending. A chartered accountant thinks that the job of a financial analyst is better while a school teacher might think that a job of a researcher is more fulfilling. But how can you be so sure of the fact? You have chosen your own career path and every form of work is pious and satisfying if you believe so. If you continue to think the other way, it will do you no good but sink you in grave depression. Shed your instincts to keep comparing and instead work with diligence, conviction and stability and you are sure to gain success. 
  • To surrender is the last thing that should strike your mind. If you become such a weakling and plan to give up easily without striving hard and giving your best shot to achieve what you want, you have not lived your life fully and in turn cheating yourself and the one who has created you. Have enough strength to hit back to the challenges. Do not succumb to them and keep in mind that nothing in this world is impossible to achieve. It is just that the seemingly impossible tasks take a bit more time than the rest. Put in your heart and soul into the task or a situation and stay firm and undeterred till your last breath. Keep repeating to yourself that no one else but you can do it. And once this thought triggers your subconscious, there would be magic. 
  • Ignite the competitive streak within you. Do not sidetrack yourself as a loser who is fond of giving up. In order to gain things in life and march forward instead of sliding back, you need to have a healthy competitive vibe. And how exactly do you stimulate yourself for this? Find someone worthy in your class or office to compete with. Constantly gear up yourself and see what your competitor’s weak and strong points are. Mould yourself accordingly; negating your own weakness and stay optimistic that you would surely win at the end. After all, while competing with someone, you surely don’t want to experience the humiliation of defeat.
  • Always have an inspiration in life. It is not necessary that your idol should be world figures specifically. Even someone as close as your mother can be your inspiration. Also, remember that your dreams are not yours alone. Your close ones are counting on you and every crucial step you take in life matters to them as well. For instance, by considering your children to be your inspiration, you would always have this thing throbbing in your mind that whatever you do, you are liable to your children back home. This thought would prevent you from taking any wrong step in life and you would stick to the path carved out for your own well-being.

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