There are times when you can’t help getting berserk, isn’t it? However, does it help in the long run? It is important to stay calm to avoid complexities. Read on to get some tips.

How To Be Calm

You have got up on the wrong side of the bed and everything seems to be going wrong since morning. The situation has worsened further by noon and you are finding it difficult to hold back. Enough, you say. How long can you save things from falling apart you wonder? How long can you withstand the constant conflict between the mind and heart? Although such emotions are an inevitable part of your life, at times you tend to simply give up and lose it. However, in order to succeed in life, you need to confront such negative emotions with enough strength. You need to keep your calm even when your life seems all turbulent. This article deals with ways as to how you can lead a healthy life even under stressful conditions.
Tips For Staying Calm
  • The first and foremost step to keep your calm is to take a deep breath. Breathing deeply can ease your tense muscles and reduce your stress level like nothing else. This will allow you to respond in a controlled fashion. Very soon, the waves of epinephrine running through your veins will become manageable and soothe you from within.
  • Relax for around five long minutes doing simply nothing. Close your eyes and try recalling some happy and amusing memories of the past. Or try viewing things in a positive perspective. For instance, if you got a bashing by your boss in front of your colleagues and you are filled with anger and shame, be calm thinking you at least have the job when everyone around is losing theirs. Or think of the day you got a promotion and your boss wholeheartedly appreciated your abilities.
  • Do not yell. If the person you are confronting with raises his/her voice, your natural response is to do the same. But this is no solution to win the game or even come down to a solution. All that would result out of it is irreversible damage. So, remember to keep your voice mellow and modulated under such stressful situations. Easier said than done, know for sure that this is the only way to win the war. Moreover, calmness is contagious. Seeing you behave well, the other person might switch over to your state of control.
  • Take a quick nap. Give your disturbed state of mind some amount of rest. Let your nerves ease and relax. Avoid thinking of anything in particular and simply catch up with some sleep.
  • A long, nice shower can also help you regain your peaceful state of mind. Stand under the shower. Feel the coolness of the water all over your body and relax.
  • Try listening to the natural sounds around you. These will help your mind to get distracted from those depressing thoughts. Be it the mundane sound of the swirling fan above you or the chirping crickets, concentrating on these sounds can keep you calm.
  • Take a nature walk. Nothing better than this can bring your senses back to normalcy. Tracing a butterfly’s trail or noticing a woodpecker peeping out of the tree trunk hole can be sheer joy.
  • Listening to music is another such activity you can choose to indulge in to help you calm down. Whenever you feel at complete loss and it seems like you had enough of life, all that you require is your I-pod. Plug in the headphone, close your eyes and drench in your favorite melodies.
  • For some, going out on a shopping spree is a great remedy to shed anger and remain calm. Visit your nearest mall and pamper yourself with clothes and accessories. You can also try eating your favorite dish. This would enliven your senses and calm you from within.
  • How about visiting a beauty salon? Get a nice head massage done. Even facials can help soothe your tensed nerves. A spa-treatment is another option to rejuvenate yourself from the stress and calm down. 
  • Try planning for your next vacation even if the plan is shelved for months away. This will take you places you’ve always wanted to be, even if it is a virtual pleasure. It is enough to distract you for the moment and regain your calmness.

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