While most just get a kick out of watching a football match, you can do a lot more when the ball has lost its bounce. Read on for football recycling ideas and protect Mother Earth.

Recycled Soccer Balls

Soccer mania is here and everyone seems to be riding high on the popularity wave.  Millions of fervent soccer enthusiasts across the world have their eyes glued to their television screens. Isn’t it strange that at the centre of this frenzy is one spherical little ball? Imagine how powerful it is if it mesmerizes the whole world! A lot of resources and energy are used in manufacturing these balls. Have you ever wondered what happens to them once they are discarded? Not many know that the disposal of these uncountable soccer balls contributes to huge environmental hazards. They are dumped into landfills already full to capacity. With land being scarcely available even for us to live, creating new dumpsites is next to impossible. And as a hypothesis, even if there was land to this end, how practicable would it be? The existing landfills, emitting toxic gases like carbon dioxide and methane, greatly intensify the greenhouse effect. If we look the other way, the day won’t be far when we start counting ourselves in the list of endangered species.

However, as you have a ball supporting your favorite team, help preserve the environment and stop the discarded soccer balls from landing into these dumps. Today, the importance of recycling is of great concern both for the general public and also to the economy. The earth’s natural resources are being consumed at a rate that reinforces the idea that we are only interested in living for the moment, without a care for future generations who will bear the brunt of our plundering ways. To our rescue are eco-activists contributing creative solutions to the problem by recycling soccer balls. These items make you look extremely sporty while you give out a loud message that you care for the earth, so don’t hesitate to pick up the ball and run with it! Read on to know how items made from recycled soccer balls can help us prevent the future generation from paying for our mistakes. 

Ideas for Recycled Soccer Ball Items
The following items, with a conscience to boot, are also great fun to use! Show your allegiance to the earth as you show it for your favorite team.
  • Recycle your old soccer balls into custom-made shoes. These shoes will not only be sturdier and last you much longer, they will remind you of your favourite ball every time you wear them.
  • The other thing of great use (and fashionable, too, at that) which can be made from recycled soccer balls is a bag. All you have to do is simply turn that plain looking soccer ball inside out, and lo and behold – you have one funky looking bag to flaunt! They look unique, give you interesting pocket options (at times even from some other recycled material such as reclaimed truck tarp material), and make a statement about your green conscience.
  • If you are game to don war paint and all kinds of otherwise outlandish gear just to show your support to your team, why not hats made from recycled soccer balls? Apart from being apt for blocking out the sun (although this may not be everybody’s idea of sunshades because they may not exactly smell good), these hats can be quite the show-stoppers.
  • If accessories are not enough, look beyond, and yet another world of possibilities will open up. Recycled Soccer Balls lend themselves wonderfully to furniture. It is time to roll the ball in a completely new direction. Foot stools or toadstool like innovative pieces made from recycled soccer balls to decorate your home with, are just some more of the special uses that dicarded sphere of leather lends itself to.

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