It’s time for women now to pull up their socks and fight back the abuse meted out to them. Here are some of the most effective self-defense methods lined up for you. Read them and be safe.

Self-Defense Methods For Women

How often have you bumped into the many horrifying news on assault, molestation, domestic abuse, and rape and indifferently flipped through the pages of your newspaper, assured that this can’t happen to you? If you thought that you are immune to physical abuse, molestation and vulgar tirades and probably nothing could go wrong with you, your daughter or friend, it’s time you took a reality check! You will be surprised to know how more and more women, irrespective of their class, race and status are falling prey to abuse every day. Be it a crowded street, thronged bus, workplace and even bedrooms, abuse flocks women everywhere today. In one such scenario, where defending women’s honor and safety has become the prime concern of the day, the question that how a women pulls through these odds is indeed a big one? The good news is that today more and more women are consciously aware and concerned about themselves and feel more actively to defend their honor. If you are someone who has to trek outside your territory every day, then acquainting yourself with these few effective yet essential techniques on self-defense can give you an edge over your opponent when caught in a tight spot. To know more on the most effective means of self-defense, read on.
Self-Defense Techniques For Women 
  • How often have you stomached the rude shock of a creep trying to paw you all over and silently swallowed the shame in disgust? If you have survived one such touché but have been mortified enough to voice a protest, it’s time you braved an action against it! Doesn’t matter if you are stranded in a crowded bus or trailing you way through a straggling mob, an opprobrious touch on your body is a no-no! The next time you feel your next seat neighbor or the guy standing next to you trying to get all up-close-and-pushy, just lift your heels high and stamp hard on his foot. This way he would get the message straight and clear, in the high-heeled’ way of course!
  • It’s time women stopped being so credulous to abuse in public places and personal sphere and put up a fight against manhandling and sexual tirade. Your honor is your biggest asset, never compromise on it! Next time a pervert tries to play gross with you, turn around and gouge your fingers into his eyes and see him retreat in regret. The biggest advantage of this defense trick is that it causes no apparent injury and leaves your opponent with a blur, sore vision and you with a plenty of time to run for your life!
  • You are walking down a dark alley or just jumped into your high-rise apartment lift when a crook turns out of the blue and scares the senses out of you. What do you do—scream for help or just feebly give in? While most women would haplessly resort to either of the two means, know that there is a third way too—to fight back! If the guy jabs you from behind and holds your waist tight, all you need to do is not panic and muster up all your strengths, lift your elbow and hit as hard as possible on the stomach. This would release the grip and give you chance to flee!
  • Teach the lecher the lesson of his life! Next time you feel being stalked or just find yourself at the receiving end of any abuse, just buck up your spirit, sprint close to the opponent, cup their ears and slap real hard. Doing so would paralyze their ear drums and throw their equilibrium off the kilter and will also cripple their attempts to hurt you. Not only will it fill their ears with intense pain, but will also help you stumble out of their grip and seek help.
  • If you can’t think of anything else, going by the tried and tested method would do the trick? Hurt a man where it hurts the most and he is done for good. Remember, your aim is to save yourself and it doesn’t matter how you do it unless it’s bang on the target. Nothing cripples a man better than a swift kick on his groin, genitals and even shins. So the next time you find yourself subject to ridicule, you know where to hit!
  • Nothing can do your life more good than carrying your own self-defense weapon, anywhere, anytime! It can be a pocket-knife, a pepper spray, a bottle of deodorant or something as simple as a safety pin or even an umbrella. Just use your weapon anytime you sense danger and use it on your opponent to disable his attack and save your life.

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