One requires a lot of patience and training to be able to see the auras. Read the article to find some tips on learning to view the auras and know how to see them in the right way.

How To See Auras

Aura can be understood as the energy field that emanates from anything and everything. Spiritualists believe that everything has an aura of its own. However, the aura of living things is more powerful and complex than that of the non-living. Auras are of varying hues and shapes and the same can be said about their strength and definition as well. There are some who believe that only animals can see auras, apart from some very gifted people. The truth, however, is that with training and patience, any one can see auras. It may be years before one is able to view the auras and understand their components, but the experience is worth the hard work and training. If you have made up your mind by now to train yourself for viewing the auras, read on. The article tells you how to see auras by following some simple steps that are to be practiced over time.
Learning To View The Aura 
  • Switch off the lights and lie in the bed, on the couch or at any other area where you feel the most relaxed. The room should have as little light at possible; though it should not be pitch black. In most rooms, streetlight filtering in through the blinds is sufficient.
  • Hold both your hands in front of you. Don’t stretch your hands. Just gaze gently, instead of staring hard. An aura, usually, appears more of a haze rather than a bright light that is clearly visible.
  • You should be holding both your hands in a way that they are straight in your line of sight. Focus your gaze on the bedroom wall in front of you. While your hands will be out of your focus, since you are fixated at the wall, they will still be visible.
  • Extend your two pointer fingers and move your hands towards each other in a very slow motion. Brings your hands so close that your fingertips are almost touching each other. The aura appears as dizzy lines of blue and red light between your fingertips that are barely touching each other.  Then, you have to repeat the same process with all the ten fingertips, just short of touching each other.
  • Now, draw your hands apart very slowly and you will be able to notice slight streams of energy connecting each finger. As you move your fingertips together and apart, bringing them back and forth, encourage your mind to visualize the energy that increases with the movements of your fingertips. The flow of energy increases when the fingers are close to each other in a tantalizing way.
While this technique may fall short of your expectations in the beginning, over time, you will discover that you are able to notice the above mentioned effects around your hands. In the beginning, viewing auras will be easier when other people are practicing the technique. While auras surround our entire body, they are the most visible around the head. Aura colors keep changing constantly, depending on the mood of the person and his/her location. However, the band of color that is closest to the body is known as Life Color and, usually, doesn’t undergo any change.

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