Hosting a wedding reception entails a lot of planning and preparation. Also, etiquettes should be followed to make the event extremely special. Explore some wedding reception etiquettes.

Wedding Reception Etiquette

Wedding reception is basically a feast party for the couple and everyone associated with them. Hosting a wedding event involves several stages such as selection of venue, decoration, invitation, etc. Before stepping on each stage, one should keep in mind that proper etiquettes need to be followed to make the arrangement and the approach flawless. Following appropriate etiquette makes the wedding reception absolutely fun and memorable. Nowadays, wedding involves only family and close friends while a large number of other guests are invited on the reception. It’s a great time to introduce the newly married couple to the guests. For an elegant, peaceful, successful and happy wedding reception, etiquettes are important to understand. They are necessary to be followed by both the host and the guests. In the following lines, we have provided a list of wedding reception etiquettes.
Etiquettes For Wedding Reception
  • If you are planning not to invite children at your wedding reception, then either pass a word through friends, family or give a one liner in the bottom of the invitation card saying “adults reception”. Never write “no children allowed”. You can also skip to write children names on the card. Another way would be to mention the number of people you want to be present on the reception.
  • You can mention phrases like “we hope that (particular number of people) will join us”, “seats have been reserved for (names of people)”.
  • If someone has not replied to your invitation, call and confirm as to whether he/she has received the invite or not. Many a times, it so happens that posts do not reach or get misplaced on the way.
Bride and Groom
  • Brides may select colors like ivory or pastel shades for the wedding gown. Whatever be the choice, make sure that the attire is decent and good to look at.  Grooms can, on the other hand, preferably choose tuxedo or a business suit. The groom should wear black shiny shoes and a tie.
  • Both the bride and the groom should enter the reception venue only after the guests have arrived.
  • The master of the reception should call the bride, groom and their families in a specific order. It starts from the parents and ends with the couple. The wedding party comes in the following order: Bride’s parents, groom’s parents, bride’s men, ushers, maid of honor, best man, flower girl and finally, the bride and groom.
  • The bride and groom should welcome and greet the guests as they enter and walk to their specified seats; usually it has a reception line.
  • Agreed it is your wedding and the happiest day of your life. But that doesn’t give you an authority to drink too much alcohol. Excess or overdrinking would not only show you in bad light, but you may also end up making a fool of yourself.
  • The guests, upon receiving the invitation card, must send a reply to the couple before the reception date, congratulating the couple and informing them as to whether or not would they be able to attend the reception.
  • In case you get late and reach the venue only after the commencement of the ceremony, walk quietly and find a seat.
  • Buy a gift for a couple. The gift should be such that it can be usable by both. If, in case, you had already mailed the gift, then don’t bring another gift at the reception.
  • Guests should pay for their transportation and accommodation.
  • If you don’t eat the kind of food available at the reception, never make a fuss out of it. Either try them for a new taste or don’t eat and definitely, don’t pass a comment.
While offering a toast to the bride and the groom, stand up and give the speech in a clear audible voice. You can include a short or funny incident about how the two met. However, the speech must not exceed for more than five minutes, lest you bore the listeners.
  • Let the DJ or other person call the bride and groom.
  • Be conservative while you dance. Don’t dance very fast or with proactive moves.
Seating Plan
  • The family of the groom should sit in the left side and that of the bride at the right side.
  • The relatives and friends should sit at the back.
Wedding Gifts
  • Do not open the gifts during the reception in front of the attendees.
Follow the etiquettes given above and make your wedding reception one of the most memorable events of your life.

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