If you are attracted to a Sagittarian then the top most question in your mind would be ‘How to attract a Sagittarius?’ Read this article to successfully attract a Sagittarian.

How To Attract A Sagittarius

Before we move to interesting territories like trying to attract a Sagittarian, let’s first acquaint ourselves on a bit of background around this zodiac. These brave wanderers are born between 22nd November and 21st December. The symbol for this zodiac is a centaur archer. Just like a centaur they are adventurous and wise and intelligent like an archer. Nothing seems to hold their minds, they survive on change and monotony stifles them. A mini synopsis of this sun sign would be – flirtatious, daring, witty, good with the language, fabulous dancers, great drivers, confident, a bit on the egoistic side and open minded. If you are struggling to attract a Sagittarian then you have stumbled upon the correct article. You attract a Sagittarian by making yourself being noticed as irresistibly charming, in a subtle manner, to a point of no return. The following section will guide you through each step on the road to attraction. Read on carefully.
Ways To Attract A Sagittarius
  • So, you find yourself attracted to that archer guy/girl. Now what? Well, be true to yourself since if there is one thing that any Sagittarian admires is extreme honesty!
  • Only if you are lucky will you find that the apple of your eye is attracted back to you. Mostly this is not seen to be the case. The initial impression that you leave on your Sagittarian is incredibly crucial.
  • Initial phase of attraction leads to doing activities together, trying to impress him/her and getting into their good books.
  • Hang out where you have a high chance of bumping into the gentleman/lady of your interest. If you workout in the same fitness centre then join him/her in doing similar exercises. If you have a common friend cirlce then hang out with those people a little bit more often. Be discreet and extra bit cautious since you do not want to get clingy or worse, be branded a stalker!
  • Impressing a Sagittarian involves the common steps required to be followed in order to charm any ordinary individual. Humour them, amuse them and crack a few jokes. Make them tell about themselves and lend your attentive ears. If you are passionate about a certain thing then don’t hesitate to make them aware of this fact. Sagittarians are charmed by passionate individuals.
  • Hanging out with your Sagittarian guy/girl is all about adventure and fun! Adventure sport or outdoor activity of any kind ignites the spark of interest in them. Always remember that when you are around a Sagittarian, be innovative and spontaneous – don’t follow the rule book.
  • Sagittarians take a long time to commit. Knowingly or unknowingly they confuse love and friendship ever so often that it might not be funny to you if you are romantically inclined on a fellow Sagittarian. The good news is that frankness, honesty and candour is respected by the people who belong to this sun sign. So be open about your feeling after a couple of months, but the catch here is, don’t reveal your feelings a little too soon.
  • Overtly emotional, boring, clingy or needy are abhorred by a Sagittarian. So it is best to find yourself a person suited for you if you have any of the above personality traits.
  • If you are looking to get into a relationship with an archer, then be prepared for an easy, light and adventurous ride!
Sagittarians can be wonderful partners if they want because of their passion, honesty and fun-loving nature. All the best in your hunt for a Sagittarian!

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