Met the man/woman of your dreams? Is the person you have fallen for an Aquarian? Read on to know how to attract an Aquarius. This will surely get your stars aligned!

How To Attract An Aquarius

If you have fallen for someone who is friendly and humanistic, honest and loyal, original and imaginative, and independent and intellectual – then you, our dear friend, have fallen for an Aquarian! If you are an Aquarian yourself, and believe in the alignment of stars aka zodiac signs, then you know what it is that keeps you going. And if you’re not an Aquarian but have fallen for one, or if you don’t believe in what zodiacs have to say, don’t go jumping hoops across the forests in search of secrets of this world, because we have a few for you right here. Figuratively, it is easier to spot an Aquarian as he or she’ll be the one who stands apart from the crowd, making his or her own way. Emotionally, Aquarians go deep inside and are devoid of any ill feeling against anyone, although from the exterior they may seem distant and aloof. They welcome change, as this is what keeps them going – uncharted territory. They also tend to be very sociable. Generally blessed with exceptional verbal skills and a wit that can outwit even the smartest, Aquarians seem to be inclined towards shock and awe value and tend to deviate from the norms set by the conventional people. This is not to say that they mean any intended harm to anyone, but believe in the theory of “live and let live”. On the flip side, they might use their verbosity to pick on weaker members of the community and offend them, though not meaning any harm. Now that you know much about what is it that keeps them going, read about how to attract an Aquarius.
Attracting An Aquarian
See, how easy! You don’t even have to believe in zodiac signs to believe that communication is the key to understanding, and getting those misunderstandings out of the way. As mentioned earlier, Aquarians have exceptional verbal skills and just love to communicate. They appreciate a good speaker who can engage them in a conversation. Try not to be dumb and, avoid talking about how nice the weather is, or not. Stay honest, sincere, and forthright. Try to add a little zing in your communication by weaving it with solid wit. Nothing gives a kick to an Aquarian more than sharp wit.
Avoid The Mundane
Aquarians like to discover uncharted territories and welcome changes, and despise routine of any kind. So try not to fall into a routine and make them a victim too, lest they start to look for the new without you. Sociable as they are, try to engage them with different activities by inviting them to various gatherings, and clubs or community affairs. Try adventure sports for a change, you know you said you always wanted to, now may be is your chance. Keep them high on adrenalin and kick that mundane feeling out of them. Who knows, you might enjoy it too!
No Pressuring
Aquarians tend to be carefree and go their own way. Pressures and demands of any kind can send them fleeing off to mars. Don’t be overly sentimental and romantic and try not to seem too needy as Aquarians love their space and do not like to be bogged down. They like to take it slow, which means even if the two of you have spent a lot of quality time together, he or she may still seem distant and unattached. However that will not be the case, rest assured.
Now that you’ve read this article on how to attract an Aquarian, don’t wait for the cupid to strike him/her with the arrows of love! Instead, adhere to all the above tips for attracting him/her and watch your love life soaring on a high note.  

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