Whether Information Technology or advertising, assertive communication is a people’s and leadership skill expected from every workplace. This article delves deep into the subject. Read to know more.

Assertive Communication

If you are blessed with assertive communication skills, you are likely to succeed in whatever endeavors you wish to achieve. Not everybody is gifted with the ability to communicate assertively but they can develop the skills gradually. While some restrain themselves from expressing positive or negative feelings, words of smooth assertion naturally roll out of the tongues of other people who don’t hesitate to be straightforward and honest. The assertive communication style bears a strong resemblance to diplomatic tactics. It resolves conflicts and serves as a levelheaded substitute for aggressive behavior. An assertive speaker imparts his/her most genuine opinions while being cautious so as to not hurt the sentiments of the listeners and respecting their views. Assertive behavior is typically accompanied by sincerity, eye contact, a well modulated tone and the right timing. Assertive statements are commonly juxtaposed with a fair amount of Many assertive statements begin with “I” to indicate the source of the mentioned claim. Assertive communication is regarded as the best, if not the only soft skills
to possess! Once you are better equipped to decipher another individual’s behavior and present your original ideas, you are on the road to mastering assertive communication. Let’s learn more as we carry on reading this section.
Assertive Communication Benefits And Exercises 
  • When we speak assertively. We generally make a good impression, send our message across effectively and hence, feel really good about ourselves! This in turn, raises our self-esteem.
  • It enables us to achieve maturity and develop a sort of mutual respect with others. It limits chances of hurting people with harsh statements and on the contrary, makes them feel more special.
  • Assertive communication draws us closer to achieving our goals and eliminating anxieties.
  • Assertiveness makes it more challenging for sadistic opportunists to take advantage of us as our upfront approach shields us from sly tricks.
  • We are free to make our decisions, express what is really running through our minds and are hence liberated form all trivial inhibitions.
  • Assertive Communication contains a potent motivational power that can instigate an unconfident and apprehensive individual to perform well. It all depends on how spontaneous, instructive and encouraging the assertive speaker was!
  • These prominent advantages have promoted assertive communication as a mandatory tool to be incorporated in practically every organization nowadays. It has come definitely come a long way in the corporate world especially in the process of training employees.  
Techniques & Exercises
Behavior Rehearsal & Use “I” Statements
This technique simply requires you to repeat the “I” statements over and over until you are comfortable with the combination of your voice and those words. The behavioral rehearsal helps you identify the behavior you have been yearning to deal with and also disassociate emotions from formal encounters and experiences. Moreover, using “I” statement transmits self-belief. A confident and assertive basketball coach will say something like- “Haven’t I already told you not to dribble the ball that way, and I also told you the reason why!”
On several occasions, we are prone to receiving criticism. We should learn to anticipate these moments and handle them tactfully. By resorting to defensive resorts and aggressive outbursts, we will make matters worse and effuse insecurity. If you wish to behave maturely, welcome the criticism, ponder over it and agree with portions of the criticism for there might be some truth in the claims. Judge your own actions, suppress urges to counter-attack and drop in an assertive statement like –“I agree, I can be a bit absent-minded at times!”
Negative Enquiry & Assertion
Dig out criticism about yourself as you elicit honest confessions or observations for the sake of self-improvement. Listen intently to the critical comments and dismiss the inputs if they happen to be too manipulative. However, always deliberate over the potential truthfulness in the negative statements made. When unpleasant assumptions have been made with respect to you, coax yourself to tentatively concur with the hostile judgments and accept your faults, if they seemed plausible.
Understand People
If you are determined to develop effective communication skills, you have to learn how to understand the intricate nuances of an individual. You will have to read straight through their behavioral changes and adopt tactical maneuvers to alter their mindset. You will be in a better position to express your ideas once you understand people better!
Assertive communication is prevalent in so many workplaces. It is irrefutably one of the skills that a manager must possess to attain success. 

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