Love is, by far, the most incredible, awesome and extraordinary feeling in our life. Do you know there are different types of love present in our lives? Explore a list of various kinds of love.

Different Types of Love

Love is the base of every relationship in the world. It can not be measured, as it is a great emotion which can only be felt. In our lifetime, we establish various relationships with different people. The first love relationship we form in our life is with our parents, after which follows our relationship with our siblings and friends. Another type of love that each one of us experiences in our lifetime is that with our life partners. A romantic liaison, such a relationship has a deep involvement, is sexually involved and comes with great responsibilities. Though love relationship is tangent apart from parental or sibling relationship, what remains the same is the feelings and sentiments of love. When you love someone, you desire happiness for him/her, accept the person without any demand of change, and appreciate him/her at every stage of life. Still, the definition and meaning of love varies depending on our relationship with that person. Time is also a major factor in determining love and other qualities which attracts a particular person. The list of different types of love is given in the following lines.
Different Kinds Of Love Relationship
According To Relationships
Parent & Children
This is a very first relationship we form when we come into this world. This love relationship has a lot of care and security attached to it. Parents fulfill each desire of their children, want their happiness, work hard to mould the little ones into a good human being, provide everything to make them independent. Children in return, also want their happiness and give them the same care and security once they become independent individuals. Parents and children both mutually support and stand by each other in every situation of life.
It’s a beautiful relationship that stays with us throughout our life. Siblings are our first friends, as we share almost everything with them, right from sharing a room to playing with the same toys or hanging out with the same set of friends. We mostly spend a lot of time in the company of our siblings. Siblings care and support us in each phase and tricky situation of life. Be it an elder sibling or a younger one, each of you would agree how precious is your relationship with your brother/sister or both. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that siblings are your first companion in life.
Imagine life without friends? Scared of being a loner? Well, ask anyone and he/she would be all excited to tell you about his latest friend circle that he/she made in school or college or about his/her one cherished and best friend from childhood. Life without friends is like pizza without cheese, hard to imagine and tasteless to indulge in. All of us share a very special kind of love with our friends. Friends are people who are our partners-in-crime, whom we look onto for when faced with a fiddly position and who are always there for us, no matter what. Friends develop an incredible trust about each other. However, not all friendships last life long, unlike parental and sibling relationships that are forever. Some have a life of about a few years or months.
Life Partner
This is the strongest love relationships of all. The definition of love too changes drastically when it comes to life partner. The relationship involves life long commitment and concern from both the sides. Life partners have unconditional love for each other. They stay connected and are at each other’s side in every tough and happy situation of life. Together, couples make and achieve targets and goals in life, be it in professional or personal life. Relationship with a life partner involves a lot of emotions, feelings and love like all other relationships but what differentiates it is the element of sex.
This might sound strange but yes, pet love is also an important form of love in the life of people having pets at their home. Pet becomes a part of the family and you develop a lot of care and liking towards your companion. Pets help in washing away grief and sorrow from the life of humans. They give security and protection to the owner and become a special acquaintance in the person’s life. For some, people, their bond with their pets is more precious than human relationships. Pets shower their unconditional love to humans and in return, just want their master(s) to smile and be happy.
According to Nature And Characteristics Of Love
It is a romantic and passionate love. Love becomes the most important thing in the relationship. This type of love has a lot of physical attraction, physical gratification and its fulfillment involved. It also defines man and woman relationship, marriage being the prime example.
It’s an uncommitted love type. In such a relationship, either of the partners is not loyal and truthful to the other person. This kind of love may be a game-playing for the fouling partner. The person may show a lot of care and liking towards the person, but always remains untruthful.
It develops gradually and is more friendship based. People in this type of love are very active in participating in different activities. It is generally a long lasting relationship with no physical attraction and passion. Example of such love is what we share with our parents and siblings. 
This love is a practical and mutually beneficial relationship. It is pragmatic in nature. It does not have any romantic element in it and the person involved is just taken as a partner to spend a nice time. If in some cases, there is a presence of sex, it does not involve feelings and is rather seen just as a technical method to give birth to a child.
It’s an extreme degree of love, in which a person becomes either obsessive or possessive lover. It is full of jealousy and people with this type of love involve themselves in nonsense and crazy acts.
A rarely found type, agape is great love shared between two people. This type of love believes only in giving and does not demand anything in return. This love has a gentle care and support attached to it, with no selfish reason. It seeks the welfare and betterment of other people. It does not have any physical attraction. Mother Teresa is a perfect example of a person who was filled with this type of love.
Phileo Love
Phileo love is defined by the word “affection”. It is a kind of a love in which a person feels delightful and warm in the presence of the particular person. The feelings are developed by the intensity of the love showered. It is based on emotions and feelings.
Empty Love
This kind of love only exists because of the person’s commitment to the other person involved. The feelings and emotions are not generated from the heart. Many marriages are example of this type of love.
Did you know that so many different types of love existed? Well, now that you know, make a note of the various kinds of love and make your love and relationships healthy and long-lasting ones.

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