An argument can spoil and even break your most important and lovable relationship. Therefore, learning how not to argue is very essential. In this article, find out ways of how not to argue.

How Not To Argue

Each relation in our life holds a great importance whether it’s with your mother, father, siblings, spouse, etc. We love them dearly and want a perfect healthy relationship with them. But sometimes, intentionally or unintentionally, we start arguing with them on petty issues. Also, in between the daily conversation, we involve ourselves in an argument. While healthy argument helps take important decision and makes people look at the other side of the coin (here situation), problem arises when the argument takes shape of a big fight. It brings to an end the peace and tranquility of the house. Also, unhealthy or aggressive argument spoils the sweetness of the relationship between the two. As such, all of us should indulge in ways wherein we can avoid arguing. However, this does not mean not voicing your opinion. It simply means that stating your view point in a decent manner and respecting others set beliefs and thoughts. Absence of argument makes way to happiness and peace. It also promotes healthy relationship. While generation gap is a major reason for argument, the cause of argument varies from relation to relation. To avoid the unpleasantness and nasty goings-on that argument brings along with it, each of us should try not to argue. In the following lines, we have listed ways that would help you in learning the art of ‘how not to argue’.
Ways Of How Not To Argue
  • Enhance your listening skills. It will make you less defensive and allow you to analyze the statement of other person deeply. You should listen to the other person with patience and give a logical approach to the same. Let the other person complete what he/she wants to say. Once he/she is done, give your feedback. This would allow both of you to lay forward your view point. However, make sure that whatever is said is logical and pertains to the present situation.
  • Never think that you are always right. If people have been correcting you time and again, know that there is some problem which lies inside you. Accept that you have a problem of arguing on small issues and work on it to exclude the same from your behavior. Accepting your weakness will strengthen your relationship. Also, ask them to help you come out of the problem.
  • Inculcate understanding in yourself. Instead of thinking about your own issues, try to understand the other person’s views, feelings, state of mind, etc. This will help you to talk calmly and make the relationship a strong one. After understanding the other person, your approach will not be illogical or defensive. The feedback will be based on the feelings of both the people and not only yours.
  • Introspect yourself and increase your self control power. Also, be aware of the place and people around before heading towards an argument. A couple must never involve in the argument in front of their children. It may have a bad impact on them. Respect each other to share great relationship. Similarly, indulging in a heated argument in a public place such as a mall or cinema hall would make people think of you as uncivilized. 
  • Be positive in your thinking. It will exclude negativity from inside and you will have a healthy approach towards any issue. If you have positive nature, you will never get involved in any kind of argument.
  • Do not make excuses and be truthful. Improve yourself rather than giving explanation all the time.
Now you know how not to involve in any argument. Grab these ways of how not to argue to experience a healthy, happy and loving relationship with each one in your life.

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