Etiquettes are the basic unwritten rules that govern our life. Scroll further to know some useful etiquette questions.

Etiquette Questions

In this dog-eat-dog world with everyone clamoring to go there, do this and do that, it seems like nobody has any time or patience left for those little unwritten rules that are necessary to keep humanity alive in humans. But while most people would happily give proper etiquettes a miss when at home, it becomes very necessary when one is out in public. Without etiquettes one is more likely to be labeled as a rustic, if not outright rude. Though you may feel that no one would notice those minor glitches, it is a fact that etiquette is what most people observe and it is only through proper etiquettes that a positive image is cultivated. Etiquette is also the most important sign of good breeding; therefore everyone must try their best to learn proper etiquettes that are prevalent in every sphere of life and in every culture. And for this you should ask questions and look for the answers. Some of the questions that you can ask are listed below. These will help you to form proper etiquette. The questions may appear silly, but you should remember that etiquettes, most often, lie in the most childish activity.

Questions On Etiquette And Manners

Dining Etiquette
  • Can I sip a drink while chewing?
  • Should I fold the napkin before placing it in my lap?  
  • Who gets served first, the host or the children or the according to seniority?
  • How should I serve and remove the dishes and glasses?     
  • If I have to sneeze or blow my nose do I have to excuse myself from the table?
  • When dining out can I share my food with others for tasking purposes?
  • After cleaning my fingers where should I keep the finger bowl?
  • After completing my meal where should I keep the napkin?
  • If I accidently spill the beverage how should I address the problem?
  • If another diner asks to pass the salt then does the etiquette demand that I pass the pepper too?
 Wedding Etiquette Questions
  • Should I take into consideration the inputs of my guests while deciding on the menu?
  • Is it standard etiquette to gift wedding favors to all my guests?
  • How many bridesmaids should I have?
  • What is the best way to invite my co-workers?
  • When should I send out thank you notes?
  • When should an engagement announcement appear in the paper?
  • What is the order in which the bride and groom’s parents be seated?
  • What is the order to be followed by the bridal party when walking down the aisle?
  • How should the seating arrangements be ordered at the bridal table?
  • What is the proper way to guide the guests to their seat?
  • Is it rude to ask for money instead of wedding gifts?
Funeral Etiquette
  • If no timing is mentioned when should I visit?
  • What should I do when I enter the Funeral Home?
  • Is it really necessary to view the body?
  • Do I have to attend each and every ritual?
  • How should I address the bereaved?
  • What is the proper dress code for a funeral?
  • Where and to whom should I send the flowers?
  • Can I call or send an e-mail to the bereaved with my condolences?
  • Is it acceptable to send a Memorial Gift?
  • How should I address the bereaved family if I meet them in public?
The above mentioned etiquette questions will surely help you to become more familiar with etiquettes in social environment.

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