If you think that marriage exactly isn't your thing, then going down this article should leave with good reasons to get hitched. Trail down this article to know why people get married.

Why Do People Get Married

Your mum has been coaxing you to check out her friend’s daughter for some time now, but you have been sweetly putting off the matter as the very thought of getting hitched shivers your timbers. Well, if you are one among those expanding breed of singles who develop cold feet when it comes to the “M” word and deem “engagement” as “entanglement”, know that getting hitched isn’t really the worst side of life. In fact, getting married is perhaps the best thing in life and comes loaded with several perks. And by that, we just don’t mean more money, a beautiful looking wife or even better sex. Agreed, getting hitched is a big decision and it often takes more than just two to make the marriage a success. If you think that marriage is for losers, then this interesting write-up on ‘why do people get married’ should convince you on how marriage is a far better choice than being single. To know more on this, read on.

Reasons To Get Married 

Love Longer, Live Longer!

Buy it or not, marriage actually boosts your longevity and improves your life. Yes, you heard it right! Marriage actually is the “big” secret to a healthy life and an extended lifespan. Numerous studies on marriage have affirmed that married people happily outlive their single counterparts and have considerably lower death rates and even lower health risks. Marriage not only boosts physical health, but also boosts emotional stability and body fitness, which means a better, healthier and longer life! If you have been looking for one excuse to not gallop down the aisle, you now have a very “healthy” reason to enter into nuptial bliss.

No Money Without Honey!

The portable play station you have been saving for all this while would have probably been yours by now, had you been married. Wonder how? Well, of all the good things that marriage does to you, one of the biggest perks is perhaps splitting home expenses and sharing costs on major buys. Therefore, if you have been blowing big bucks on dinner dates and occasional gifts, then marriage would dwarf your expenses considerably and would also leave you with extra bucks to buy things you could have never afforded on your own. In brief, marriage implies a better condo, a better car, a better holiday, and loads of extra cash to buy all the amazing stuff you want.

Perfect Match, Perfect Life!

Marriage brings out the best in one. It’s true! Marriage does make one a better person, given you choose to spend the rest of your life with someone who is honest, compassionate, insightful and morally upright. That’s the kind of person who can bring out the best in you and make your life paradise. Marrying the right person for the right reason can leave your life on a high.

Marriage Isn’t Tax-ing!

Marriage is indeed one’s trump card to skip the enormous tax-levies! Married couples are entitled to tax breaks unlike people who are single. What’s more, marriage means bigger savings, bigger investments and premium health insurance plans. Love it or hate it, society is conveniently designed for married couples. So, if you haven’t really tied the knot so far, go ahead and grab your lady luck right away.

No Marriage, No Lineage!

Well, agreed, you don’t really have to be in a nuptial bond to bear kids. Nevertheless, ideally, marriage is the best way to carry your bloodline ahead by starting a family. Kids are one of the best reasons why anyone should get married. Kids not only add to the joys of parenthood, but also drive one to do better and earn bigger. This means, a better life and greater success. Marriage offers the most stable platform to build a family, which makes it one of the most sought-after alliances in the world.

If the thought of a dazzling stone on your fingers or a loving partner on your bed doesn’t sound motivating enough for you, then the above article on why people get married should be able to give your head a shake and get you running down the aisle.

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