If you are struck with writers block whenever it comes to ending a letter, here is a comprehensive list on ways to end a letter for your aid. Just read on.

Ways To End A Letter

When it comes to ending letters, be it formal or informal, casual or business letters, the most typically used word to end the letter is “sincerely.” Most people are at a loss and can’t find appropriate words to sign off letters, other than the hackneyed “sincerely”, although there can be plenty ways to sign off a letter or an e-mail. Choosing the right word to end a letter is extremely important as it reflects the intention of the writer. A letter ending with “write soon” welcomes the recipient to respond to the reader, while a letter ending with “talk to you soon” gives an insight that the writer wishes to meet the addressee soon. If you are looking for such artistic ways to end a letter, then here is a comprehensive list on how to end letters appropriately. Just steer through the following sections to learn more about them.

How To End A Letter

How To End A business Letter
  • Best regards,
  • Warm regards,
  • With anticipation,
  • Yours respectfully,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • Yours truly,
  • Best wishes,
  • Confidently yours,
  • Kind regards,
  • Kind wishes,
  • Many thanks,
  • Respectfully yours,
Classic Informal Letter Closings 
  • See you soon,
  • Talk to you later,
  • Yours truly,
  • Yours,
  • Have a good day,
How To End An Informal Letter 
  • Cheerful greetings to all,
  • Hugs,
  • Wishing you the best,
  • Write soon,
  • Your friend,
  • Yours in friendship,
  • Kind thoughts,
  • Take care,
How To End An Informal Email
  • Be good/well,
  • Cheerio,
  • Cheers,
  • I’m out,
  • More to come,
  • Smiles,
  • Tata for now,
  • Take care,
  • Take it easy,
  • Until next time,
How To End A Love Letter
  • Lots of love,
  • Love you forever,
  • Much love,
  • Thinking sweet thoughts of you,
  • Hugs,
  • Love always,
  • Love eternally,
  • Yours,
Other Useful Tips
  • Close your letter with a polite “thank you” if you wish to express your gratitude to the recipient of the letter.
  • If you are writing a letter to someone close, then end your letter with “love”. This will help you to show the recipient how much you care about him/her.
  • Typically a letter is ended with a farewell expression, followed up a comma, and then the name or signature of the person who is writing the letter.
  • When writing an informal letter, it is alright to capitalize both the words in the ending. For example, “Warm Regards” or “Best Wishes”.
  • If you are writing a letter to a close relative, then an informal ending works better than a formal ending that would sound emotionally distant.
  • If you are writing a letter to someone you are not familiar with or know a little about, it can get a bit tricky when closing the letter. You neither want to appear formal nor too distant. In these situations you can use certain phrases like “all my best”, “ regards”, “cordially yours”, “best”, “all my regards”, “warm regards”, “talk to you later”, etc.
There are a lot of ways to end a letter. If you always run out of words when it comes to ending a letter, then the above mentioned tips might come handy.

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