Employment recognition gifts boost the motivation and productivity of the employees. Go through this article and get ideas for some motivational employee recognition gifts.

Employee Recognition Gifts

Employees work day and night for the betterment and success of the company. They are the most important part of an organization, and therefore their recognition is equally important. Recognition of employees is a communication tool to reward and reinforce them for their efforts in making the company productive. It is a very powerful way to help your employees stay motivated towards better performance in the future. All the employees must be eligible for recognition and should be given complete information about their reward. Whosever clears all the criteria or targets for the award, receives it. It makes the environment competitive, which, obviously, acts beneficially for the organization. Employees work hard to attain the reward and in the process, the company gains. Such reward systems also create a positive environment in the company. While choosing gifts, there are a plethora of options that would be laid in front of you. However, the key to choose the right gift would be keeping in mind that the employees are very valuable and special. Gift something that would create a spark and make the employee work hard to achieve it. In the following lines, we have listed a few ideas. Choose whichever fits your budget and go gifting!
Motivational Employee Recognition Gift Ideas
Electronic Gadget
With the world going the tech-way, it is very difficult to find people who aren’t fascinated by latest gadgets that hit the market ever so often. Giving an electronic gadget as an award can really motivate the employees. These can be mobile, iPods, tablets, laptops and so on. While these are from the expensive range, you can also go for economical ones, like pen drives, CD-Rom, mp3 player, and so on.
A leather briefcase is a very professional and formal gifting item, which can never go wrong when you are thinking of employee recognition gift. To add charm to it, you can personalize the briefcase further by inscribing the name of that special employee on it. This would make the gift all the more special. Apart from the briefcase, a leather laptop bag or a leather wallet  is also a nice option.
A unique sparkling crystal showpiece can be a very elegant and pretty gift for an employee, especially if it is a female employee. It can be used to decorate the house as well as the workspace. To make the gift all the more interesting, shape it in the form of a trophy, with the name of the person written on it. This would really motivate the person and others to work dedicatedly.
They say, books are friends for lifetime. The world today is getting professional and in such a scenario, finding friends can be the hardest bet. As such, why not gift your employees something that would stay with them forever and also restore their confidence and perseverance. A motivational book is sure to rekindle the dampened spirits of your employees and make them start afresh with greater enthusiasm and zest. The book can also have a personal message from the director or C.E.O of the company, which would make it all the more unique and special.
Card & Voucher
They are the traditional and very professional way to give as a recognition gift. The card itself says everything about the one being gifted. Inside the card a special note by the boss makes it all the more memorable. You can attach some vouchers along with the card to make your gift a weighty one, after all, isn’t it a monetary and materialistic world that we are living in?
Holiday Tickets
What better way to acknowledge the hard work and perseverance of an employee than by gifting him/her a holiday ticket? This would give a break to the employee working so hard all these days for the company. Also, it would show your concern and care. However, if the employee is a married man/woman, make sure you give couple tickets. A perfect escape from the monotonous life! Your employee is sure to work double harder and show twice the dedication after the trip.
Gourmet Basket
Nothing can beat the exclusiveness of a bottle of wine! Couple this with some gourmet delights and you are sure to bring a million dollar smile on the face of the receiver. A very classy gift, gourmet baskets are rare and exclusive. An employee who likes to taste the world’s finest variety of wine is sure to go gaga about receiving the gift. And who knows, the wish to attain a similar reward can make other employees work with double the commitment and loyalty.
Go for yummy chocolates and cakes. It makes the employee go watery instantly with lots of excitement. The cake may have a message for the employee making it unique and memorable. This will make the cake even sweeter. Chocolates are the women's best friend. So gifting chocolates to female employees is a great choice.
Calorie Counter or Diabetes Check Machine
Unhealthy lifestyle and abstract work hours send the health of an employee for a toss. But considering the cut-throat competition, who’s complaining? None who want to reach up to the ladder of success! As such, gifting a calorie counter or a diabetes check machine can be a very healthy approach of gifting. It can be very useful for the person to remain healthy. Also, such gifts showcase the care and concern.
These are the most unique, special and motivational employee recognition gifts to promote positive vibes among the employees.

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