Hydroelectricity is a cheap, eco-friendly and renewable means of electricity. Go through this article to get interesting facts about hydroelectricity.

Hydroelectricity Facts

Hydroelectricity simply means electricity generated by water. Gravitational force of falling water is used to generate electricity from it. It is renewable and eco- friendly in nature. The best thing about the procedure is that the amount of water remains the same as before, even after the whole process. In the process, the gravitational force from the falling water is extracted out for the production of electricity. The process is economically superior as the electricity is generated at low cost. The hydroelectric dams are made to run the water through them. Its generation is almost pollution-free. The hydroelectric plant works for quite a long period of time. Due to so many advantages, the process is popular in many countries including Canada, Russia, Brazil and many other developing countries. As compared to other processes of electricity generation, hydroelectricity is a cleaner source since it does not involve burning of fuel, and thus, no air emission takes place. There are many more interesting facts about hydroelectricity which are discussed in the following lines. Read on.
Interesting Facts About Hydroelectricity
  • The first hydroelectric power plant started operating in September 1882 in Wisconsin.
  • Hydroelectricity can be produced at any place, where water falls from some height.
  • Hydropower uses earth’s water cycle to generate electricity. As the water flows downwards, kinetic energy is created, which, in turn, is converted into electric energy.
  • In the USA, hydroelectricity constitutes 9% of the total energy supply.
  • The dams which are built for its generation can alter the ecosystem of the river.
  • The efficiency of the hydro energy is determined by its turbines. Some turbines boast of 95% efficiency.
  • 20% of the total electricity required in the world is fulfilled by hydroelectricity. It is also the main source of electricity for many countries.
  • Unlike other renewable energies, hydroelectricity’s output can be pre- assumed, as annual rainfall is predictable. Also, the flow or the water current of the river does not fluctuate often.
  • Hydroelectricity causes zero percent air pollution, thus causing no harm to the atmosphere.
  • Apart from generation of electricity, the dams made for hydroelectricity, can be used in several ways, like water supply, controlling flood, providing water for irrigation, etc.
  • As it doesn’t release any harmful greenhouse gases, hydroelectricity is an environment friendly process, as it does not cause global warming.
  • In the US, hydropower produces more energy than other renewable methods.
  • Hydroelectricity is more widely used and beat wind and solar energy in popularity and use.
  • Hydroelectricity plant works for many years. Strange but true, many Canadian hydroelectricity plants have been functioning for the last 50 years, which is incredible.
  • China is the highest generator of hydroelectricity. China has also built many power stations in other parts of the world.
  • California, Washington and Oregon are the three states that generate largest share of hydroelectricity in the United States of America.

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