Agreed, long distance relationships are hard to handle, but they don't always fail. Read this article to know how to make long distance relationships work.

How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

"Distance makes the heart grow fonder" is an adage that has been in use for many centuries now and is usually agreed upon. However, it takes more than a one-liner to maintain the often inevitable instance that we refer to as a “long distance relationship”. Commitments may be forged deep down in the muddles of many hearts and often jeopardize individual dreams. But, does this mean we have to relinquish our life long dream simply because we are too afraid to part with our beloved? Whether two miles away or on the opposite pole of the planet earth, long distance relationships can still last! With technology and communications advancing like never before, conversations, today, can be held, even if two people are continents apart. Don’t worry about not seeing your baby’s smile as you move away for next six months! Your web cam will certainly come to the rescue. Facebook connects, Skype connects, and your mobile phone service connects! As long as you have the patience and determination, you do not have to end your most treasured relationship. Hang on to this article for some valuable advice.

Tips On Making Long Distance Relationships Last

Define The Parameters Of The Relationship

Discuss with your partner where do the two of you stand as a couple. Not every relationship has to have a name to it, but it is essential that both you and your partner are on the same page. Is it serious or is it casual? Is it exclusive or non-exclusive? Some questions will be strange and embarrassing, but laying the ground rules of the relationships is necessary, so as to evade heartache and disasters, along the way.  State your end goal and let the other person know what you expect as well as ask him/her what he/she expects from the relationship.

Take Advantage of the distance

No doubt that not being physically present with your lover can be heartbreaking. However, we all need our space. We are burdened with numerous individual tasks and family obligations. On this note, you could wrap up all of the unfinished business and keep yourself absolutely free when your partner returns. It will be fulfilling and will also give you time to dwell on the fate of your relationship. You don’t need to keep pondering over it, but a bit of soul searching would be helpful.

Resist The Urge To Dominate

Everybody is entitled to their share of individuality. Even if you find yourself trapped in a rock solid relationship, remember that nothing can deprive you of the right to freedom. Many of us have a tendency to boss over our partners and guide them according to our wishes. When he/she tries to control your every move, you either confront him/her to sort it out or end the relationship. Nevertheless, always resist the urge to dominate and pressurize your partner to suit your whims and fancies.

Learn To Trust Each Other

No relationship can survive if there is a shortage of trust. If you cannot trust your partner, then be prepared to witness several bumps along the way. You will panic every second minute on the premise that your boyfriend in Canada might be making a move on some stunning lady in a bar. Relax! If you aren’t enough for him, then why are you still with him? Yes, it will be difficult, but a commitment is a commitment, within which trust is the core component. Suspicion will only break your relationship into million little pieces. Jealousy is indeed stupid and repulsive!

Pursue Common Interests

What did the two of you enjoyed doing together? Was it going for a movie or the latest play? Whichever way, don’t be depressed that you lack your partner’s company. Go for the movie or attend the play in your respective places and give each other something to discuss and laugh about on the phone!

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