Bullies are infamous for creating nuisances on school campuses. Ever wondered why do they get into such an act in the first place? Peek into this article & discover the reasons.

Why Do People Bully

Bullies are like mosquitoes, except a whole lot bigger. However, in terms of being the most dreaded obstacle, they both rank equally high. They are impediments to perfectly happy day. They are so insecure that they constantly feel the need to suck the blood out of another entity. Bullies are sadistic people who deliberately plot against the physically weaker. At times, they use physical assault, while on other occasions, it is verbal abuse. It starts with pining embarrassing names on the bullied and mocking him/her in public to things that are worse to imagine. The end result is a traumatized child with a lowered self esteem. Bullies attract attention from everybody else. Such is the terror that most of the times, other children just sit back and watch the bully’s innocent prey get victimized every second day. In such a situation, the best is to figure out the motive behind the turmoil caused. Once you know the reason behind why the person bullies, you can very well take measures and bring an end to the mayhem caused. Follow this article to better comprehend why people bully.
Reasons People Bully
Combating Insecurity
Almost everybody is born with their share of insecurities, some more than the rest! The bully cloaks his/her own feelings of insecurity by humiliating another individual who appears to be inferior in some way. He/she wears the façade of an invincible and strong individual and tortures those that are physically weak, but much stronger in other domains. The bully might feel insecure about his intelligence or financial status and attempts to tarnish the image of one who is well endowed on those fronts, by excessive teasing or even flogging. Bullies generally forget their own insecurities and take pleasure in knowing somebody else who is more inferior!
Envy / Greed
The bully’s victim might be scoring higher grades or might be dropped to school in the limousine. The seething jealousy within the bully urges him to use brute force or harsh words to jeopardize the victim’s popularity. Remember, bullying tactics is a cry for popularity and attention. He targets the one he is most envious of and tries to prove dominance. Greed also drives a bully to a fit of outrage. He may covet another kid’s new cell phone or playstation! To extinguish his burning desire to obtain what he can’t, he vents his frustration on the owner of fancy gadgets.  
Being In Charge
Who is the boss? The strongest guy will stand to the forefront and portray his dominance over the others. The bully feels a rush of superiority by shoving everybody around. He takes advantage of his “I’m the Man” reputations and orders the feeble kids around. He threatens them and basks in the glory of being “in charge”.
It’s Easy To Bully
Now bullying is a whole lot easier! And the best part is it doesn’t even have to be done face to face. With life revolving around the internet and the mobile phone, the victim no longer has the chance to run back home or pick a hiding spot to escape the trauma. Anonymous nasty messages and phone calls persist to make the life of the victim a living hell! Some do it just for the gags, while the others en-route to social networking sites only to impair the reputation of the person amongst his friends, relatives and acquaintances.
Victims Of Bullying
What if the present bully was heavily bullied in the past? His current bullying habits might be his best shot at getting back or overcoming the trauma of his past. He imagines his victims to be his tormentors and vents his frustrations on them. With time, he builds up on self-confidence and as soon as he discovers that he can hit and bully as well, he goes ahead and vents his anger and frustration on someone innocent.  

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