Are you tired of your binge eating habits and are finding ways to overcome this problem? Leaf through this write-up and discover tips on how to stop binge eating.

How To Stop Binge Eating

Are you a couch potato, gorging on food whilst sitting in front of the idiot box? Do you often end up eating in private lest anyone catches you hogging? Do you hide food and eat it until your stomach is just about to burst? Have you tried endless diets to control your overeating habit with no success? Are you now looking for way to stop binge eating and lose those unnecessarily gained extra kilos? Agreed, it is hard to stop binge eating and almost impossible if you have been trying for years. But the truth is that it is quite possible, in fact very simple, to keep those emotional hungers at a distance and stop stuffing your body with heaps and oodles of irresistible food. Given here are tips that will help you overcome your binge eating disorder. Read on and take a step to healthy eating!
Tips For Stopping Binge Eating
Stop Dieting
Remember, dieting does not do any good to your health. It only makes your body weaker and less immune. Most dieters pitch on the phrase ‘I’m on a diet’ to avoid eating healthy and nutritious foods, but when it comes to eating spicy and calorie-loaded food, they very conveniently forget it. Further, say it or not, dieting works only temporarily. You keep on your diet plan only for the first few days, moving back to your normal bingeing habits again in no time. So, instead of taking up a diet plan to lose weight, improve your eating habits slowly. Say, for instance, instead of eating 5 junk foods a day, take 4 foods for the next 7 days, and reduce it to 3 foods a day henceforth. With this, you’ll be reducing the junk amount you gorge on and will be overcoming your bingeing habit as well.
Control Sugary And Fatty Foods
Whilst controlling your bingeing habits, do not deprive yourself of the foods you crave for or else, you’ll be increasing your desire for that food. Result? You’ll end up gorging on that food instead of stopping bingeing. Thus, do not completely stop eating, but limit the amount you consume. Instead of ordering a whole large pizza for yourself, plan on eating only 2 slices or a personal sized pizza.
Keep It Slow
Losing weight is not as easy as commercials demonstrate. Let’s face it. Reducing weight and maintaining it is one of the toughest goals one can achieve. Nonetheless, slowly and steadily you can lose that extra flab and give yourself a new figure. Conversely, undertaking crash diets by eating too little or exercising for extremely longer durations will only lead to binge eating.
Consult A Friend
Informing about your binge eating habits to your close friends or family members will help you overcome this disorder. To your surprise, they’ll be really supportive and encourage you to lose weight. You can ask them to inquire about your progress on eating habits every now and then, so that you are not tempted towards taking an extra scoop of your favorite ice-cream. This way, you’ll have a better control over your commitment towards stopping binge eating.
Take A Break
Whenever you feel the urge to binge on your favorite brand of potato wafers, wait for 15 minutes before you let yourself lose on them. Use these 15 minutes to control your emotions by engaging yourself in other activities to divert your mind. If, at the end of the 15-minute break, you still feel overwhelmed on bingeing, go ahead without any guilt.

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