Wondering how to make every moment with your boyfriend a moment to cherish forever? Steal a bagful of ideas mentioned in this article and know the fun things to do when you are with him.

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

The persistent boredom drives you up the wall. Life is too short and you want to make the most of what you have. You have a boyfriend but it’s not as electrifying as portrayed in the movies. Does the relationship feel stagnant? That certainly doesn’t mean it’s falling apart. After all, you don’t break down your house if the color starts to fade away. Instead, you repaint the walls! Hence, you ought to infuse some color and spice into your relationship. Think out-of-the-box and embrace yourself for an unforgettable evening with your significant other. The motive is to have a good time with each other, to enjoy each other’s companionship and finally, to strengthen the everlasting bond and rekindle the fiery flames of undying romance. Every moment with him should be treasured. No doubt, you two should both lead individual lives. However, if you want this relationship to mature, it’s time you create new memories until you think you have your name carved on his heart. Here are a bunch of things you should consider doing with your dear boyfriend.
Fun Things To Do With Your Boyfriend
  • Rent his favorite flick and pop it inside the DVD player. Fix a bowl of microwave popcorn or an ice cream sundae or whatever tickles his taste buds. Since this event has been designed to revolve around you, your boyfriend and the love that brings you together, remember to rent a movie with a hint of romance and comedy. Pick a light hearted movie that would provoke laughter and stimulate you two to exchange a passionate kiss. 
  • If he’s a sport fanatic, you could give him the pleasure of feigning enthusiasm and vigor during the football or basketball match. You don’t necessarily have to feign, you could try liking it. Research his favorite team and impress him with your newfound trivia. This would definitely mean a lot to him and he will definitely crown you as ‘the coolest girlfriend’.
  • A romantic candle-lit setting in the balcony with a scrumptious meal cooked by you can never go wrong! Don’t forget to eliminate what he might be allergic to! Also, arrange everything in advance. You don’t want the candle to melt away and the light to fuse by the time the dinner is ready.
  • Learn an instrument or write a cute love song. Sing it to him when he’s bored or depressed. Bring a smile on his face. Let him know that he’s your world and means everything to you.  
  • If singing is not your forte, you could always do a seductive dance for him. Lure him with your swinging hips and your tantalizing dance moves. Let him know that he’s made the right choice.
  • Read poetry to each other. Not only is it infinitely romantic, but it will help you both perk up your articulation! And who knows, those unsaid emotions and feelings might soon find a way to your lips.
  • Go up to your terrace and gaze at the sky as the two of you cuddle up. Play his favorite mellow or romantic song in the background. Fall asleep in each other’s arms. Nothing can be more romantic than this.
  • Play a sport with him. Get sweaty and fight for the ball. The competitive spirit will soon be extinguished as the quest to win will inevitably culminate in a kiss and cuddle session.
  • Both of you are too broke to do anything grandiose or out of the ordinary! So what? Take a pretty walk, hand in hand and watch the sunset together. Talk, kiss, love!
  • Go out, get drunk on tequila shots and beer, laugh at stupid jokes and click goofy pictures of you two together. You don’t have to upload them on facebook, but you could stick them on the insides of your cupboard!
  • Go camping or trekking to the closest hill or forest you can think of. If you both love adventure, this is a super-duper excellent idea! Random treks aren’t easy to forget and are famous for bringing people closer.
  • If you two happen to be trapped outdoors in a downpour of indomitable rain, it’s probably your cue for a “kiss in the rain” session. Instead of finding a shelter, just go for it and get all wet. Don’t miss it!
  • Go for a long drive on the night. Engage in conversation. Stop for coffee or ice cream at a highway eatery. Just when you think that things were going all helter-skelter, your life would yet again fall back on track.
  • Go bowling! Prove to him that girls aren’t always suckers. Make an effort to win and astound him! The pride of having you as a soul mate is sure to make up for the dull phase in your lives.

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