The best way to know and control your mind is to find your inner self. Read below to know how to find yourself.

How To Find Yourself

The journey that we call life is so full of diversions and obstacles that surmounting those takes much of our time and energy, invariably making us lose track of our own self. With life becoming more and more chaotic and busy, we have come to accept despair and pessimism as a part of our life. Importance is given more to the physical aspect rather than to the spiritual. As a result, though we have become physically and materially robust, morally we still are unsatisfied. Nowadays, we tend to seek enlightenment of the body, rather than that of the mind. Result - we lose on the spiritually part. And one day we realize how wrong our quest had been and at that time, we scramble backwards to find our self. But just as you know, it is easy to lose a thing but very difficult to find it back. When you are trying to discover yourself, the scenario isn’t any different. To start, you will have to peel off, like the layers of an onion, all the years of high strung hedonistic lifestyle. This won’t prove to be easy, but if you stick to your task with steely determinism and patience, then you can find success and yourself. Remember, to find and discover yourself requires proper guidance and to guide you in the proper path, this article will be an immense help. Read further for various instructions on how you can find yourself.  
Finding Yourself
  • Put your needs above everything else. However, this doesn’t mean that you become self centered. To put your needs ahead of everything else simple means you should put aside other unimportant things or those that you thought were more important than you and concentrate on your needs every day. Also, differentiate between your needs and your wants. Concentrating only on your wants will always leave you dissatisfied. The same is not the case with your needs.
  • You can never seek to find yourself if you don’t spend time with yourself. Therefore, as often as possible, take a break and spend a quiet time alone. When spending time alone, you should focus only on yourself and discard any thoughts of work and family. The point here is to leave all your stressful thoughts behind and think only about your life.
  • When you are alone with yourself, think about the major goals in your life and think of how these goals will influence your outlook in life. It is better if you write down the goals and all the mistakes that you have made. Then, analyze these and write down the positive experiences that you have imbibed from these. See how your mistakes and negative experiences have taught you valuable lessons in life.
  • Don’t dwell on what others think of you. Always remember that you can’t please everyone. So try to be what you are and not what others think of what you are. Don’t try to look at yourself from the perspective of others. Rather, see what you really are and work towards cultivating that personality. Most people lose sense of their self, trying to be what others want them to be.
  • Ask yourself how much of your life is controlled by your own will power. Contemplate on how much, if at all, do you listen to your soul. Find out which motives run your life and what meaning and purpose do you wish to give to your life. Find answers to all these questions and you will have a strong sense of who you are.  
  • Give your life a moral dimension. For this, you will have to explore and describe yourself. Know your mind as this will help in developing a moral outlook. And you must try in every way to stick to that moral life.

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