Break up is not a smooth affair. As such, glancing through a few suggestions on how to go about it always comes in handy. Read below for a few tips and advices on breaking up.

Breaking Up Advice

Most people find falling in love and getting into a relationship as the hardest thing that they can face. But this pales in comparison to the turmoil of breaking up, when the once rosy cozy love affair turns sour. Anybody who has had a breakup will realize that leaving someone who has been a part and parcel of your life and thoughts is infinitely more difficult than stepping into the holy bond. It must be remembered that breakup is a terrible feeling, perhaps a rude awakening that affects both the partners. Sometimes, the breakup becomes so messy that the scars take years to heal. Unless one breaks up in a proper way, it can prove to be a very bitter experience. The future holds infinite possibilities, and when one’s love affair starts to cringe upon one’s soul, then it is better to breakup and move on. To help you in this end, given below are a few tips on breaking up.
Tips On Breaking Up
It is very necessary that you understand when to breakup. Don’t be too hasty to get out of the relationship and try your best to make it work. You will have a very good idea when to breakup if:
  • You suffer any type of abuse from your partner. This can be anything from emotional to verbal to physical abuse. These abuses, you discover, have become a norm rather than an exception.
  • You find that your partner is incompatible.  Take care that you don’t confuse compatibility with resentment. Resentment is easier to address and is most often temporary.
  • You realize that your needs and interests have grown apart and this increasingly, is causing conflicts between the two of you.
  • You find that there have arisen various irreconcilable differences between you and your partner.  
Ending The Relationship
  • If you find that you are not interested in your partner anymore but don’t want to hurt him/ her by confiding with the truth, then you should just disclose the partial truth. In such a scenario, you should be fully prepared to answer why you want the relationship to end. Make your answer simple.
  • Tell everything face to face. You may think that this will be very brutal, but it is less rude than asking a friend to say or leave a message of the breakup.
  • You can even write a letter detailing the breakup. In the letter, you can ask for a meeting, if you want to, so that you have a clean breakup.
Getting Over
  • After the breakup, most people have a tough time catching up with life. They are mostly filled with beautiful images of the past relationship. What you should do instead is to focus on the miserable aspect of the time spent with your ex. The painful memories will help you stay away from the romantic fantasies with your ex. It will also help you feel better.
  • Concentrate on planning for the future. Be so engrossed in it that you don’t have time for anything else. Highlight your plans for life and work towards achieving the set targets.
  • Take up things that interest you. Cultivate a hobby, meet friends and go travelling. Do everything that you loved doing but could do so because of your ex. You would surely like this renewed sense of freedom.

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