Bullies can make your life a big pain! If you wish to know how to deal with bullies, then exploring this article should put you in a better position to handle them.

How To Deal With Bullies

Remember the Hollywood flick “The Karate Kid” where Johnny Lawrence and his cronies subject Daniel LaRusso to extreme badgering, bullying him throughout until the final scene when Daniel settles his scores by kicking Lawrence out of the karate championship for good and asserting his dignity for one final time. How often have you watched such flicks and jumped in joy, mentally reliving the delight of knocking out your boss or your haughty father-in-law and asserting your say. No matter how hard-hitting you are, there is likely to be someone in your life who intimidates you to no limit. Doesn’t matter if you were the biggest bully in your neighborhood, there are likely to be other bullies around who are likely to beat you at your own game. On the soccer field, at your workplace and even in school corridors you are likely to bump into people who are overly manipulative, bossy and at times downright brash and impulsive. If you have been caught in a fight with a bully, then streaming down this article should put you in a better place on how to deal with him. To know more on this, read on.

Dealing With Bullies
  • When it comes to dealing with a domineering ‘I fear none’ kind of a brat, ignorance always is bliss. If you find yourself always at crossroads with roughnecks, then it is best to keep yourself out of their way as your first line of defense. However, make sure that you do it subtly, as you wouldn’t want to get into deeper trouble.
  • An old saying that goes, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.” If you are constantly beleaguered by assaults, taunts and rude snipes, the best way to retaliate is to stay calm and not react on their face. While you may be tempted to poke the bully right in his eyes, or punch him on the face, it’s always better to hold yourself back. If you stay passive to his condescending ways, then your battle is half won and his purpose is wholly defeated. Try this, it really works!
  • Laugh it off! Easier said than done? Well, agreed it takes great guts to laugh off a towering bully, but it isn’t really a big deal once you know how to go about it. You can either laugh off at yourself, which will position you as a harmless opponent or take a grim step and laugh at the bully himself, ripping off his esteem and humiliating him publicly. This would make him squirm with humiliation and he won’t bug you further.
  • Well, one thing that goes for sure when dealing with bullies is self-confidence. If you see a bully infringing on you, it’s best to strike than sit back and bear a life time of torment. At times, actions are definitely better than words. Remember, the more timid and bashful you are, the more likely you are to be bullied. So fasten up your belt and take on the bullies with all your might and confidence. Once he knows you aren’t susceptible bait, he won’t come after you.

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