There are some definite causes behind the existence of urbanization. Explore this article to know more on the causes of urbanization.

Urbanization Causes

If you happen to be fortunate enough or even unfortunate enough to live in a city, you might have noticed how crowded and problematic it is to live in the same. There are traffic jams everywhere you go, infrastructural woes, and an increase in crime and sanitation setbacks. Why is all this happening? Is there more to it than meets the eye? Well, all of this and more is happening because of the phenomenon that is popularly known as ‘urbanization’. Urbanization basically refers to the migration of people from rural areas to towns and cities. This migration results in an excessive increase in population, which in turn results in an undue pressure on a city or town’s limited resources. Urbanization can also be defined as the growth of urban areas due to positive changes in the global scenario. However, here, it doesn’t matter in what sense of the term you look at urbanization, what matters most here is what causes it. Go ahead and read on to learn about various causes of urbanization. 

What Are Causes Of Rapid Urbanization 


Urbanization occurs mostly because of the conveniences that exist in urban areas, and out of all the conveniences, proximity to a livelihood happens to be one of the most important. For a person looking for a job in a town or city, it is equally important to find a place to stay in that particular town or city. Why does this person need to stay in the town or city he finds a job in? This person needs to find a place to stay in the town or city he finds a job in because this is what will help him enjoy proximity to his workplace and can also help reduce his expenses and save on time that would have otherwise been spent on traveling.  

Economic Opportunities

Economic opportunities make the world go around. In an urban setting, economic opportunities are put together via two main ways. The first economic opportunity exists in the form of business or entrepreneurial opportunities, and the second economic opportunity exists in the form of employment opportunities. These opportunities are very distinct in urban areas and have it in them to lure people by the thousands to cities and towns. A person who manages to make the best use of such opportunities can raise his standard of living and get to enjoy all the comforts and luxuries that exist in urban settings. However, the chances of something like this happening in rural areas are very low, thus making urbanized areas seem that much more attractive. 

Healthcare And Infrastructural Advantages

An urban area is always known for the facilities it offers in terms of healthcare and infrastructure. It is only when undue pressure is put on these facilities that they begin to give way. On the other hand, when it comes to meeting reasonable demands, the healthcare facilities and infrastructural facilities that exist in an urban area can sure prove to be a boon. This is what makes cities and towns so attractive to people who have never lived in them before. What they cannot get in rural areas or what they may have to struggle to get in rural areas can be easily found in cities and towns. For example, if a man living in a rural area is suffering from a kidney ailment needs treatment, what does this man then do? This man makes the journey from his village hospital to a hospital in the city, where treatment is very much a possibility. Now, wouldn’t it be so much easier for the man if he just lived in the city? It sure would, thus explaining how healthcare and infrastructural facilities are proving to be quite a boon in urban settings. 

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