Urbanization when controlled is a boon to mankind, however, when let to spill over is nothing but a curse. Read your way through this article to discover the effects of urbanization.

Urbanization Effects

While urbanization may not necessarily be a bad thing, when it is allowed to transcend beyond the lines of control, it sure does become a menace. This is exactly when the harmful effects of urbanization spill right out of its deep and dark closet. The effects if not corrected right on time and effectively can prove to be a much larger problem that may require the concerned authorities to bring their A-game to the table. However, when it comes to corrective measures and A-games, the authorities are really nowhere to be seen. Maybe that is where the root of all evil exists. However, this does not mean that you start pointing fingers solely at the concerned authorities; as you too have a role to play in the whole equation. Essay out your corrective roles to a T and the effects of urbanization can soon become things of the past. Go right ahead and read on to establish familiarity with few of the most obvious ‘underlying factors’ that make urbanization seem like the villain it really isn’t.  
Impact Of Urbanization  
Population Explosion
One of the most obvious or noticeable effects of urbanization is population explosion that it brings along with it. What is population explosion? Well, the term population explosion basically stands to signify an uncontrollable and unreasonable rise in the population of a particular area. This is exactly what urbanization is capable of bringing about. When a particular area experiences development and urbanization, it automatically becomes an attractive area and this brings in people by the thousands, ultimately exerting undue pressure on precious resources. Apart from resources, this can also result in an inequitable distribution of wealth, where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.
Infrastructural Woes
If you just happen to live in a highly urbanized area, you may really not be a stranger to the woes of infrastructure. These woes aren’t too uncommon in an urbanized world. On one hand you have transport problems to deal with and on the other; you have sanitation, water and power setbacks to put up with. This makes up for quite a wet blanket when it comes to the problems that are a direct result of urbanization. If the governments of the world can find a way to get the better of these unfortunate circumstances, then urbanization will really seem like the boon that it is.
Crime Time
An increase in crime makes for yet another unfortunate consequence of uncontrolled and biased urbanization. Why does this happen? This happens because there usually is no shortage of wealth in urban areas, and where there is wealth or the means to acquire the same, there always are criminals. Crime can range from burglary and vandalism to petty theft and sometimes even murder for gain. Unfortunately, it is not the bureaucrats or the police who face the brunt of these crimes, but the common man who does. It is advisable for highly urbanized areas to get matters of crime under control before the same reach the heights of unbearable tolerance.
Inequality And Escalating Costs
As mentioned before, in an urbanized setting, it is almost always the rich who get richer while the poor get poorer. This only means that while the rich are finding it extremely easy to make ends meet, the poor are fighting it out for a hand to mouth existence. While at one end of the spectrum the rich roll in the lap of luxury, the poor and the not-so-fortunate bleed for a square meal, which really makes the whole scenario a very miserable one. To add to this misery is the whole issue of escalating costs which at times can even make the rich think twice before buying commodities that can be best described as essential.

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