All set to walk down the aisle, but bothered about expenses? If yes, explore this piece of writing for neat tips on a low budget wedding.

Low Budget Wedding

You are all geared up for the D-day celebrations, but is the thought of blowing your hard-earned savings on wedding cakes, a cocktail reception, cut flowers, crystals and champagne leaving you dreading a credit-card hangover later? Yes, weddings are indeed pricey affairs and unless you know how and where to curb the costs, you are likely to end up spending a small fortune. If you do not wish to compromise on your designer dress, platinum band and a dream wedding, without blowing away a bomb on feeding throngs of people, then you can always splurge wisely and make the most of your day. The cue is to minimize the expenses and plan well. Instead of a big bash, lavish buffet, tons of guests and unrestrained flow of champagne, you can always settle for a private party, a beachside barbecue, a few favorite people and some sparkling wine to celebrate your big day. Here are some expert tips for a low budget wedding. Check them out and have a blast on your wedding day!

Tight Budget Wedding 

Wedding Guests List
An intimate nuptial ceremony with a double-digit guest list and scaled-down celebrations is fast picking up on the wedding trend meter. With Scarlet Johansson and Ryan Reynolds happily settling for small-scale private weddings, there is very little stopping you from following suit, more so if you are tied down with a modest budget. Remember, the bigger the bash, the more the expenditure! Therefore, instead of inviting the entire sorority or your dad jogger’s club friends, just limit the guest list to your immediate family members, friends and people who you really want to be with on your D-day.

Wedding Invitations
From hiring a calligrapher to getting a designer to style your invitations, your wedding invitations can almost cost you a small fortune. If you don’t wish to blow your savings on designer wedding cards, it would be good if you designed your own wedding cards and impressed all with your personal touch. You can create your own wedding invitations using basic and inexpensive materials. You can enlist the help of your family and friends to help you with the cards or can even send cost-effective e-wedding cards as an alternative.

Wedding Location
If a white church wedding or an expensive reception is what you wish to forego, then jetting off to a far away location should save you from the traditional church service and reception. You don’t really have to zoom off to any Polynesian island to celebrate your D-day. Just take over a country inn or scoot off to a nearby romantic spot. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend any extra bucks to sail to your honeymoon destination. Instead of hiring an expensive banquet hall, consider a tasteful dinner with guests seated in a long row, a barbecue on the beach, or an awning on the seaside.

Wedding Decorations
You don’t really need expensive cut flowers, crystal decorations, chandeliers or even hire decorators from Toronto to throw a memorable wedding party. Instead of using flashy blinds and expensive flowers, go for inexpensive alternatives like shells, moss, and vines. Forget the massive floral and candle centerpiece and go for fruits and vegetables, lush greens, and other elements to add depth to your decoration.

Wedding Dress
Designer dresses, sassy tuxedos and platinum bands are all very luxurious affairs. Well, if you really wish to have a dream wedding in a modest budget, then shopping well ahead of your D-day should leave you with scoring high on discounts and saving big time. Instead of hopping into Maggie Sottero designer label store, raid any decent wedding attire store that offers you the best wedding gowns at throwaway prices. You even have the option of renting one! For the best deal, you can keep your eyes on rebates and discounts and grab your trousseau when you find the best offer. 

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