Have a typical personality? Maybe you are a Type A Personality. This article lists some of the traits of a Type A person in detail.

Type A Personality

The term – Type A personality, was first coined by two cardiologists who said that people in this category suffer with heart attacks. This term grew popular and came into public use. It was initially said that people from this category have a higher degree of stress than others along with extreme anger or frustration, impatience and the need to attain perfectionism. A Type A personality was said to be examined by a 15 minutes test to determine whether it was a stressed or a rather relaxed personality. Different people define Type A personalities in different ways. Some people see them as angry people, others as workaholics and some others just as high strung people. Irrespective of these characteristics, there is still a debate on how you can classify various people in a similar category. After much research, it was seen that there are 2 types of Type A traits that a person can have – time urgency and free floating hostility. To read more about the type A personality traits, read ahead:

Traits Of Type A Personality

Time or Time Urgency
  • This is an extremely important part of a Type A personality because their work and activities completely depend on time.
  • They hate being late under any circumstances. Traffic signals or any sort of queue irritates them and they consider it a waste of time. Interrupting people is a common trait too.
  • They set deadlines and standards for themselves that they need to meet before moving forward.
  • They work hard towards achieving any goal put in front of them and will not be told what to do.
Emotions or Free Floating Hostility
  • Showing impatience, being rude and aggressive at people are some of the most obvious features.
  • Getting upset over small matters and showing anger over trivial matters is also seen.
  • Adapting to change is not one of their strongest points. Also, if they are upset or dislike the place or company they are with, the dislike would be clearly visible on their face.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness – but in the case of a Type A person, it does. For them, money buys everything including relationships.
  • Money signifies power and security and this is how they would like to show it.
  • They also make mental notes of everything that is money related – such as on what to spend, how to spend and on how much to spend!
  • Type A people always have a superficial relationship with most others. Work is most important to them. If that is done, then there is no need to interact or be nice to others!
  • They have high expectations and demands from most people and thus never seem to get along with them.
  • Superiority complex is what makes them stand apart from the rest. They never enjoy any body’s company because of this and are always seen shying away from a big crowd and society as such.
 Physical Characteristics
  • Tight lips, clenched jaws and obvious facial tension.
  • Grinding of teeth and clicking of the tongue
  • Dark circles under the eyes due to lack of sleep (probably due to stress!)
  • Sweating on the forehead and upper lip.
Consequences Of Type A Personalities
  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Job Stress
  • Social Isolation
From the above traits and consequences, the negative traits of Type A personalities can be seen. But, sometimes, it can be considered a positive thing also because there is a high level of achievement and success that can be seen in these individuals. Perfectionists won’t necessarily want you to be as perfect as them and may exhibit other good qualities.

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