Almost all the work in today’s world is done on computers and this makes it vital for one to learn and master the keyboarding skills. In this article, we forward you quick tips on how to type faster.

How To Type Faster

In today’s world, almost all gadgets and utilities come with a complex set of buttons and keys. Couple this with the important hours of your life that you spend with your computer and mastering the keyboards become inevitable task at hand. Some other statistics point to the fact that people can type close to 100 words per minute normally, while they can only write 20-30 words per min with pencils or pens. With some people being able to type with speeds well above 150 words per minute, the effect and profit is completely evident. This is even more profitable for people who work on the internet, as their income can increase with the amount of work they do, which is in a way dependent on their speed of typing.
There are many ways of improving your typing speed and doing the work faster. The most common way to wrap up work faster is the use of software that senses audio, thereby relieving you of typing. This way you can finish your work faster, without making any real change in your abilities. The second way can be using typing based games. These things, though primitive, can work wonders and are really a fun way to learn typing. You can also utilize some online typing tutor applications, which can help you to increase your typing speeds. However, if you are game for none of the above and want to get set with the traditional method of learning keyboarding skills, we recommend you to read further. Using some simple techniques listed below, you can improve you typing speed, while following your normal work schedule. Just check them out.
Learn To Type Faster
Know Your Keyboard
The basic reason for slowing down of your typing is the time it takes to punch the right key as you have to find the right button every time. To eliminate this delay try memorizing the positions of the keys. Make yourself adept in knowing all the correct positions, so that every time you need to type a word, you can visualize the keystrokes needed. If you can do that, then the next time you start typing your fingers would automatically type the right key, instead of trying to find the right key.
Touch, Feel And Go
On all the keyboards the “F” and “J” keys are given separate special grooves that are not evident on other keys. Put the index (pointing) finger of your left hand on the ‘F’ and the three fingers left of the index finger on ‘D’, ‘S’, and ‘A’. Now put your right hand’s index finger on the ‘J’, and the other three fingers to the right of it on ‘K’, ‘L’, and ‘;’. Rest both of your thumbs on the ‘spacebar’. Feel the grooves of the ‘F’ and ‘J’ buttons under your index fingers. Your hands are now in the “home” position. This is a relatively convenient typing position as all the keys are equally reachable from here for the fingers. Once you get convenient in getting to this position, using them while typing will improve your typing speed considerably.
Practice Makes Perfect
Once you are familiar with the keyboard and have understood the position perfectly, you should slowly move towards hardcore practice. Start the practice slowly. Type small paragraphs and don’t look at the key board. Slowly but steadily your hands will start responding to your thoughts. Continue this practice and you will see the difference soon. A great way to do it would be to type the English-language pangram ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’. The phrase has all the letters of the alphabet.
Go Turbo
Once you ascertain that you have achieved the needed dexterity and you are good with typing at low speeds, increase your speeds slowly. Try going very slow at beginning then take it to higher accelerations. Steady progress will mount up and in the end you will find yourself typing away at fast speeds that will boost both your confidence and profits. However, this does not mean you type like a maniac all the time. Give your fingers some rest..
Compete With Yourself
There are a numerous typing tests that are available online. Apart from that, you can also check your speed on your own by timing yourself. Keep trying to improve with various different exercises. Measure your typing speed either using software applications, websites or simply by using a stopwatch and word processors. Once you know your present speed, try bettering it.

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