What do scientists learn from fossils is a tricky question, but has an interesting answer. Check out importance of fossil.

What Do Scientist Learn From Fossils

Fossils are basically mineralized, or otherwise preserved, remains or traces of animals, plants and other organisms. Fossils can be found anywhere and can be of any size. What matters is that they should be found, and once they are, it becomes news. This is because fossils provide vital information about the history of the planet and also throw light on the evolution and origin of life. Some of the deepest mysteries regarding our planet ‘Earth’ have been solved with the help of these vulnerable preserves. Providing an insight into the corridors of time, fossils are like magic wands, which can change the entire perception about our world, that too in a moment. If you wish to know what do scientists learn from fossils, read the information provided below.
Importance of Fossil 
  • They provide information about the Earth’s past. Fossils provide information about the topography, the climatic conditions, animal culture, habitat, foliage etc that prevailed during a particular era.
  • They tell us about the age of the rocks in which they were found buried since ages.
  • They also inform about the environment at the time the fossilized organisms existed. The way an organism died and the way it is found tells quite a lot about the environment.
  • Fossils throw light on the functioning of the organisms as well. It tells what they were like, how they lived or survived.
  • Information about various movement of Earth, such as mountain building, can be grasped with the help of fossils.
  • A fossil even tells a great deal about ancient geography, such as the former position of continents and extinct rivers or other water bodies.
  • The evolution of life is yet another aspect which is significantly linked with fossils. The various organisms that existed during that age and the evolution they have gone through, with time, is of immense importance for scientists.
  • The information they provide can even prove to be useful in the search of oil and minerals.

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