Love can be sustained effectively if you know more on love. Read below to know the various love questions.

Love Questions

Being in love is not just an emotion but a way of life. When a person is in love, it seems like he/she has been born again. The person begins to look at life through different eyes. In short, love changes the life of a person and the change is for the best. But love can also be quite deceiving. All the heartbreaks that most fairy tale love stories lead to is because people confuse strong attachments for love. This is because before jumping into a relationship, they fail to dig deeper on why they feel so special for the other. There are also many people who do not know they are in love and most often realize it only when the opportunity has passed. All these can be avoided if you only ask simple questions to yourself regarding your love. This will help you to probe your emotions better and help you see aspects that would have otherwise avoided your attention. So, if you are looking for what questions to ask yourself, you should read this article further. Given below are some questions that you should ask yourself and search for the answer within yourself.

Questions About Love

  • Did you feel weak in the knees when you saw him/her for the first time?
  • Is there anything silly that you did to impress your crush?
  • Do you even dream of your love?
  • What do you feel of the prospect of spending your entire life with her/him?
  • Can you open your heart and say things which you would normally won’t say to others?
  • Are you ready to stand up for your love even if have to confront your close friends?
  • Do you lie to your partner? If yes, then do you feel guilty for it?
  • Do you find it impossible to imagine a life without your partner?
  • How would you like to remember your life before he/she came into your life?
  • Does your love make you feel conflicting emotions which you are unable to pinpoint?
  • What comes first for you, your love or your life?
  • Does any act of goodwill, no matter how small, from your love gives you the most pleasure than from any other people?
  • Are you familiar with every detail of your love’s behavior and manner? Do you tend to notice things which other people won’t generally do?
  • Are you ready to embarrass yourself in front of other people just to make your love smile?
  • When you see your love, does it feel like you have spent your entire life looking for him/her?
  • Are you ready to stick by your love through thick and thin? Do you think that even life threatening disease and financial loss won’t deter you?
  • Does your love have the ability to upset you more than others?
  • Do you talk nonsense with each other that would make others laugh if they listened to you?
  • Do you call each other in silly pet names?
  • Is your love your best friend? How much trust do you place in him/her?
  • Do you find it hard to express your love or does it come easily? Do you express your love every day?
  • Do you treasure all the moments that you spend with your partner? Does every second with your partner seem special?

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