Do you want to know ways to conserve water? If yes, explore this article to learn effectual ways to conserve water.

Ways To Conserve Water

Dried wells, barren lands and bone dry river beds have all become common sights. Blame it on the weather fluctuation or the ever-increasing population, recent statistics show that the availability of freshwater will decrease by an alarming 33 percent within the next 50 years! This decline in the availability of water is no more a hidden issue. Not only are rural areas of the country affected by the declining water tables, but urban areas have also been drastically hit by water shortage in the recent past. There are several environment groups; NGO’s and government agencies that are taking drastic steps to save water by educating people about the shortage of water and its repercussions. It is high time that all of us take it as a responsibility to save water and cut down on the wastage of water. The section that follows will give you simple yet effective tips on how to conserve water. Read on to learn more about them.

Water Conservation Tips

Don’t Let It Run

If we look back at our daily routine and measure the amount of water we waste, it for sure is going to be shocking. The faucets run while we brush our teeth, shave, while waiting for the shower to get warm, while washing utensils, while washing our face or hands etc. Making a conscious effort to close the faucet when not in use will save the world ample amounts of water.

Fix The Drip

No one cares if the bathroom tap is dripping. But, what we forget is that a drip of just 1/16 an inch in diameter can waste 10 gallons of water every day! Therefore, you should make it a point to repair any leaks in pipelines or the worn out washers or valves in order to contribute your bit in saving and conserving water.

Close The Hose

Make it a point to close the garden hose when not in use. Letting the garden hose run faster or longer than required becomes a careless habit. Thus, you should make it a point to close the garden hose when not in use. You also need to check and see if you have accidently left it on before you go out of the house or retire for the night. Remember, leaving a garden hose the whole night can waste water a regular family could use in a month!

Irrigate Wisely

Wise irrigation techniques are additional ways to save and conserve gallons of water. It is quite shocking to learn and see how people leave the sprinklers open or in the automatic mode that ends up overwatering a lawn and wasting a lot of water in the process. It is essential on our part to be wise and irrigate our lawns or gardens depending on the weather. Watering the lawn during the cooler parts of the day will also save water considerably.

Check The Plumbing

Keep a check on the water taps, hoses and hose connections for any leaks every so often. Check your garden hose and sprinklers as well and any leak or broken part found should immediately be dealt with in order to save water from getting wasted.

The 5 Minute Challenge

A quick shower saves around 20-30 gallons of water that would have otherwise got wasted if one took an unhurried bath. Though a shower uses a lesser amount of water than a bucket bath, we need to take up measures to additionally save water. One easy way to do this is to challenge yourself and your family members to take ‘5 minutes shower’. You can even get a water- saving showerhead fixed to save more water.

 Use Mulch And Shade Netting

Make use of mulch and shade netting to prevent excessive evaporation in your garden. Mulch will help the soil to stay moist and will also reduce weeds which absorb water from the soil. Water your garden only when the soil fails the screwdriver test. Taking these smart steps will help you conserve gallons of water.

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