Before any of your employee causes you damage by giving out company secrets or sabotaging them, here’s how to recognize the signs of a bad employee.

Signs Of A Bad Employee

Office is one place where we may find stereotypes of all kinds of people that exist in the world – some are not serious about work, some use others as a means to climb the corporate ladder, some are motivators who know how to get the best out of the people they are responsible for, some are gossip mongers, who know exactly how many weeks, months or days, it took for two of their colleagues to fall in love and so on. It is easy to recognize them. It is equally easy to recognize those who may cause you a problem or those who may be planning to quit. They may or may not cost you anything, or they might even plan to take revenge from you, so it is up to you to look out for the signs and take necessary actions before it is too late. Here are some signs that point towards an employee going bad.
Recognizing Bad Employees At The Workplace 

Reduced Attendance
There may be a case where a person, often finds an excuse for skipping office, gives vague answers about reasons behind taking a leave, and is completely unconcerned about the kind of inconvenience he or she causes to others at the office by doing so. These type of people are either disgruntled with the kind of work they are getting or are the ones who want everything for nothing. If an employee was once regular and has begun to take too many leaves now, watch carefully for a few days, If the reduced attendance is periodic and he resumes his earlier record of diligence at the office, you need not worry too much as he may have genuinely had a problem but is too self respecting to talk about it. If the reduced attendance is prolonged, then you have a bad employee at hand. 

Change In Temperament
If the person was normally level-headed but begins to show too much emotion too frequently, or was quite chirpy and gregarious and becomes too quiet all of a sudden, then you may have to deal with a difficult employee very soon. They find no way of venting out their frustration in the right direction so they shout at all and sundry. 

Change In Work Pattern
If the person would leave on time but begins to stay late all of a sudden for many days at a stretch, or usually worked late but begins to leave on time all of a sudden, you have the kind of employee who either wants to leave as soon as the right opportunity arises or can cause you a lot of trouble. If he is staying late when he never did earlier, you may well assume he is up to something that may cause you some trouble. 

Disrespect Of Deadlines
The person in question may begin to disregard deadlines, would frequently laze around, take too many coffee or cigarette break and will never be able to finish the assigned work on time. If the attitude was the same from the very beginning, then you have chosen the wrong person. If this attitude is noticed in someone who was earlier very strict about deadlines, then the employee is disgruntled and plans to leave. 

Create More Stress
The surefire sign that someone is disgruntled and is turning out to be problematic is the fact that they increasingly interrupt the workings of other people and may even use bullying tactic on their colleagues. They will feel that the only way they do the assigned work is the best way to get it done and that the other employees should be answerable to them, and not even the boss himself.

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