Employees work hard for the betterment and growth of the company. As such, they deserve entertainment once in a while. Check out some fun games that are sure to lift up the spirits of your employees.

Games For Employees

Employees are a very important part of the organization. They are the face of the company and are solely responsible for the good or bad image. No organization can run without its employees. Instead, it can be said that a company flourishes due to the efficiency of its employees. They are the most precious asset that a company can boast of and are responsible for smooth and productive functioning of the company. All said and done, it can be safely said that it is the attitude of the employees and their dedication towards work that determines the image of the organization and its future growth. Therefore, keeping them happy and motivated is essential on part of the company for climbing the ladder of success. And the best way to do the same is by bringing in the fun quotient occasionally. Talking about fun and entertainment, games rank at the topmost position. Apart from being exciting, games also promote team work and unity. They break the monotony of work and keep the motivation levels high. If you are looking to lift up the morale and spirit of your employees, here are some fun games. These are sure to bring to light some hidden aspect of your employees!
Fun Games For Employees
Divide the employees into groups and give a puzzle to each group to solve. It can be of words or large images. Set a specific time to solve it. This will promote team work. The image can be the logo of the company or a punch line.
Tug Of War
This is one of the most common games played in an organization. The employees are divided into two groups and are asked to pull the rope towards their side. The team which manages to pull the opponent team wins.
Blindfold Obstacle Race
This game is a real fun. It’s very simple. For this, divide the employees into a team of two members. Blindfold one of the team members. The person with a blindfold has to cross a particular area from start to end with obstacle in between. The other team member needs to guide the blindfolded person to reach to the final point. The team that manages to reach the final point at the earliest is declared the winning team.
Light The Candle
It is very interesting game to play. Anyone can participate in this game. To play the game, you need to arrange for some candles and match stick. Employees need to light a matchstick and with this single matchstick, they need to light all the candles present. The one who lights the most wins the game.
Blowing Balloon
This game is also very funny to play among employees. Participants have to blow maximum balloons in a specific time. After blowing and tying the balloon, they also have to give some animal shape to it. Shaping the balloon makes the game more interesting and increases the difficulty level.
This is one of the most interesting games but requires a huge space or a basketball court. Dividing the employees into two teams of 5 members each. This game really boosts excitement and competitive feeling in the employees. It is also a good example of team work. The team getting maximum baskets will win.
One Minute Game
This can include any task to be performed in one minute like eating maximum biscuits or breads. Bursting balloons or keeping something from one point to another is another task that can be included. It is fun and due to less time, many employees can participate in it.
Guess The Film
This is a very funny game, as the participants have to act in order to express the name of the film. This game can really make you laugh. The name of the movie is given to a participant from the opponent team. Now he has to act in order to tell the name of the movie to his own team in a specified time.

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