A great way to enhance your relationship with your colleagues and coworkers is by playing games! There are some games to play with your co-workers in office in this article.

Office Games To Play

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always better to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive - Lee Iacocca.
Great positivity and vibes are drawn from keeping yourself busy. This is a sign for you to start interacting with your colleagues. They are the people who can reduce your work tensions. To relax and take your mind away from the daily stress - office games can be quite relieving. Office games not only eliminate the daily grind of work, but also make you interact and challenge your colleagues. Employees are like assets that need to be valued. Thus, this could be an exciting way for bonding and making relationships that will last. Team spirit and team work will take preference over individual opinions. Employees are thus motivated to work this way in the office. So if you think you have the capacity to lead and organize a team game, then here is your chance to come up with some office games for your work mates and you.

Fun Office Games

Dumb Charades

  • To start with, divide your office into two teams by voting two captains. Both teams must have approximately equal number of members.
  • The captain of one team consults with his team and gives an opposition team member a word/phrase/movie/personality/colleague to act out to his own team.
  • Correct guesses are given 5 points. Negative marking for mouthing words and use of any voices!
  • This continues till one team collects 50 points.
  • The losing team treats the other members to a lunch!
  • This kind of activity makes interaction and getting to know one another quite fun and interesting.
Paper Football  
  • The whole office is divided in teams of two. It is a one-on-one game which makes the challenge even more exciting.
  • You need a bench and some crushed paper for this activity.
  • Player 1 makes an “L” shaped goal post with his fingers and Player 2 flicks the crushed ball of paper into the goal and vice versa.
  • The game lasts up to 5min for each member. So the number of goals shot in 5 min, makes the points that you carry.
  • The winner of one team can play the winner of another and this can continue till there is a winner.
  • The other members all pool in for a gift for the winner!
Airplane Race
  • This is one of those games that are just plain crazy fun while you have a good laugh with your colleagues.
  • All you need is one sheet of paper each. The members are asked to make airplanes out of their sheets.
  • Then, 5 at a time, they all stand behind a line and throw their airplanes in the air.
  • The person’s airplane that reaches the farthest wins.
  • This may seem childish at first, but as you go along, you will notice the competitive nature of your colleagues!
Spider Web
  • In this game, sit in a large circle and one member gets to hold a ball of twine.
  • Starting with the person holding the twine, he/she says something embarrassing about themselves.
  • There will be laughter for a while. After this, he nominates the next person to talk.
  • The next person says something embarrassing and unrolls the twine from the initiator’s hands.
  • The game will carry on and you will see that a spider web has been formed between all the members.
  • Stop the game when the ball of twine is over.
  • The moral of this game is: Working together means you’re connected no matter what kind of person you are.
  • This only goes to show that efficiency in work will be shown only if the employees have a stress free working environment!

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