The success of an organization largely depends on how motivated its employees are. Read below to know the employee motivation ideas.

Employee Motivation Ideas

An organization doesn’t thrive on its lofty vision and far reaching ideas alone. It depends a lot on how the managers and executives manage the workforce so that they give in their best. An organization where the workers work like the cogs in a wheel is sure to be a success, and even carry the success forward. Naturally, it would be foolhardy to assume that only a heavy package would make the employees run to push the company forward. Employees should be nurtured; they should be taken care of so that they feel a part of the organization. And the employers should accept the fact that from time to time even the best employees should be encouraged. A simple pat on the back can go a long way in boosting the morale of the employee. Employee motivation is an unwritten characteristic in the job profile of managers and executives. That is why it is very important that employers know how to motivate their workforce, if they want better productivity. There are many ways in which employees can be motivated and some of the most effective ideas are listed below.

Ways To Motivate Employees

  • Employers should remember that every achievement of the employee should be met with appreciation and recognition. The employee should know that he/she has the attention of the higher ups. This will motivate the employee to achieve more, as he/she will see that the work being done is noticed.
  • Another form of recognition and a very effective one is to physically applaud the employee. A round of applause for an achievement will not only boost the morale of the employee, but it will also make him/her feel proud to work in an organization, where his/her work is applauded. For applause the workers should not wait for a specific occasion. Applaud wherever and whenever and it will always be appreciated.
  • Job title is another great employee motivating idea. And this perhaps has the most lasting impression. Job title leaves a positive impression on the self esteem of the employee. The reason job title is such an effective motivating factor is because it makes the employee feel proud of how he/she is perceived in the organization by the other workers and the employers.
  • Employee motivation depends a lot on how good the work environment is. It is very important that the working conditions be employee-friendly or soon they will get bored and demotivated with the work. Naturally, the productivity will go down. Thus, the working condition is also a major cause of attrition.
  • Employers should cultivate team spirit among the staff. A team where all the workers gel along comfortably will always be productive and the employee will stay motivated to work harder. A team should be made to feel like a family and it is very necessary to make every employee feel that he/she is an integral part of this family.
  • Taking all the employees to any off site event is also very beneficial. Such a social gathering fosters bonding among the coworkers, which ultimately has a positive effect on the morale of the employee. Celebrating festivals and company events is the best way to engage in social gathering. This is also a very good way for the employer to interact with the staff in a casual atmosphere.
  • The best employee motivator for all is monetary compensation. A hike from time to time is a great motivator. Monetary compensation can also be in the form of special gifts and vouchers that can be given to different employees either monthly or weekly according to the fancy of the employer.
High morale of the employees leads to higher productivity. Only employers who know the employee motivation ideas can achieve the best from their workforce.

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