Wondering what Type B Personality is and how is it different from Type A? Here are a few definitions and facts about this one. Read on to find the major traits of a Type B Person.

Type B Personality

The history of personality theory goes back a long way. It reaches the point where it was established that the patterns of human behavior could determine their potential chances of suffering from coronary heart diseases. According to the personality traits, attitudes and ways of life, individuals can be categorized into their personality type- Type A or Type B. Type B personality is exactly the opposite of Type A. To know more about the Type B personality, we need to first know the Type A personality. Type A people are individuals who are workaholic, highly stressed, extremely ambitious and particularly rigid in their attitude. They have high chances of developing heart diseases. However, Type B personality, on the other hand, prevails in individuals who are calm and have an easy-going attitude. They are fun-loving and are relatively less competitive. They are also better at relaxing without feeling guilty and they work without getting anxious or agitated. Have a look at these Type B Personality traits and see if you are one.
Traits Of Type B Person
Stress Handling
The Type B people usually do not get stressed easily even under acute circumstances. They are the happy-go-lucky individuals who do not entertain stress and anxiety while doing their tasks. However, they still prove to be fairly productive. They remain carefree and cheerful most of the times and are fun to hang around with.
Lack Of Urgency
These people do not mind waiting in queues for getting their work done and do not get hyper if it takes too much time. They do not feel any sort of compulsion to meet deadlines. They have got no problems relaxing or sitting without doing anything unlike Type A individuals, who end up feeling guilty if they sat without doing anything constructive. At times, Type B individuals may delay their work to the last moment due to lack of sense of time urgency.
These are the people who remain calm and relaxed most of the times. They believe in taking their time to stop and smell the roses instead of running the mad rat race. They take time to think and ponder before acting. Relaxation, enjoyment and fun come very naturally to them.
Less Competitive
Type B personalities are less competitive and their competitiveness is often productive with good intentions. They generally take their failures with a grain of salt and slough it off as merely an unpleasant experience. On the other hand, Type A individuals who are generally over-achievers, find it very hard to accept failures and end up developing low self-esteem.
Patience is a virtue and Type Bs are born with it. They remain calm and patient even under stressful situations and have a lot of self-control. They are less likely to get frantic about things and generally swear by the old adage of ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. They are also very tolerant and flexible and can change in order to adapt to changes. You would hardly find them complaining or lamenting about anything.
These individuals rarely tend to be aggressive or frustrated. Even if there’s something against their will, they are not prone to lose their temper. They are more likely to handle the situation very subtly and patiently, without getting irked. They are hence said to have lesser chances of getting any heart diseases or complications caused due to stress.
Socializing And Enjoying
Type B personalities are normally laid back people who hold a relaxed, creative, imaginative, artistic and friendly approach towards life. They spend their free time in leisure activities like socializing, shopping or having a good time. Due to their cheerful nature, these folks are surrounded by friends and lead a good social life.

Emotional Bonding
Their heart rules their head and hence they are very emotional and sensitive. They like expressing their feelings and are generally not indifferent towards others.

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