Is it for a reason or is he a natural liar? Are you haunted with this question about the man in your life? Know that you aren't the only one. Find out top reasons as to why do men lie.

Why Do Men Lie

Caught your guy for the 100th time lying and hiding something from you? How you wish he stopped doing so and if not possible, at least reduced this habit? While lying on stupid things is natural to all of us irrespective of gender, crossing limits and cheating on others counts to be a sign of worry. And as experts say that men lie more than women, it serves as another strong reason for women to spy on their partners. No matter whatever good image your guy carries, a single lie can cause a crack in your strong and trustworthy relationship. But have you ever tried to figure out what could be the reasons behind men lying so much? To make your task easier, we present you some secrets as to why your guy lies.
Reasons Why Guys Lie
To Save Himself
On your last date, you asked him to comment on your size 6 dress that you somehow managed to fit onto your size 10 figure, he replied ‘You’re looking fabulous’. While you were content with the comment, he spent the next week lying on the couch thinking that he wasn’t really honest to you. Thus, do not blame him for such lies as that’s exactly what you wanted to hear from him.
To Escape From Something
All of us love doing certain things, while we maintain distance from others. Similarly, men sometimes lie to escape, so that they do not have to do something that they don’t like or don’t want to. As such, they don’t mind speaking noble lies to flee from such tasks.
You Allowed Him
In the race of accepting all that women demand and ask for, men develop a tendency to utter lies to satisfy the fairer sex. Though they know that some women would not accept lies, they know that most of them would not figure out and, to some extent, will even tolerate. Now that he knows you are used to his lying, he has made it a habit to do so on a regular basis. Thus, if you let him away with lying a number of times, it’s your fault and not his.
Proving Their Point
Men can go to great lengths to prove their viewpoints. And what better than lying can be to do so? And if it’s their honor at stake, they do not mind developing full-length lies.
To Flaunt Their Image
The chances of men lying increases greatly when they are belittled or made to feel bad about themselves on the pretext of flaunting their image and personality. This only increases when others believe such men and begin seeing right through this ruse.
To Avoid Punishment
Now, let’s accept this. Everyone loves to lie to avoid punishment. And men are ideally part of everyone, right! As such, most men cook up all sorts of stories to avoid penalties. So, the greater the chances of being punished, the more lies men are likely to tell.
These are a few reasons why men lie. Use them to prepare yourself in case you happen to meet guys who lie tremendously.

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