Rebound relationship is a new relationship that begins just after the breakup from the long term love relationship. With this article, get detailed info on what is a rebound relationship.

Rebound Relationships

A rebound relationship refers to the relationship that occurs after a break up of a long-lasting love relationship. If you are in distance with your partner for a longer period of time and the relationship is not flourishing anymore, you may start a rebound relationship even if you are still in the previous relation. It is basically moving to another relation instantly, after the ending of a long term relationship. People become very emotional and sensitive after the break up, especially when it was a long-term affair. As such, they get dragged towards another relation soon because of the emotional support provided by the person. Rebound relationship arises when someone starts dating very soon, after the emotionally painful breakup. However, just as normal as it may sound, getting into a rebound relationship is not advised. A person, no matter how strong he/she mentally is, should always give himself/herself time before plunging into another affair. A healing time would not only help the person to come out of the trauma, but also give him/her time to decide on his/her course of life. Also, a reconsideration of the present status would make him/her wiser in getting into the affair next time. Rebound relationships, though provide the initial emotional support, are mostly short lived and do not end well. Also, sometimes, such relationships cause severe damage. In the following lines, we have provided information on what is a rebound relationship.
What Is A Rebound Relationship
Don’t expect your new partner to make you overcome the pain you are going through because of the break up. Expecting that the new partner will be a curing machine for your pain is completely wrong. You should share thoughts, feelings and problems with your new partner, without expecting that he/she would help you come out of your present mental status.
Time Factor
If you have had a really bad relationship and are regretting the time passed and feel lonely, then going into a rebound relationship is not the right solution. A quick rebound relation may soon become more painful for you, as most likely, you may choose the wrong partner. Be cautious of this and give yourself time to come out of the trauma. A fresh mind and strong heart would help you judge a person better and make wiser decisions.
Covering The Pain
Don’t use a person to overcome your pain. If you do so, you are most likely using and cheating the person. As soon as you come out of the pain and trauma, you will move away from the rebound relation, which may be very painful for the other person who supported you and was there for you in your tough times. Go for the rebound relationship only if you are sure of a long term commitment with that particular person.
Getting Used
If you are looking for a long term and committed relationship after the breakup, do not get involved with the person who has recently had a similar fate. Chances are that the person might use you for sometime. Though you might be looking for a future with him/her, the person might be looking at you just as a means of getting rid of the trauma. The person might get emotionally attached to you, but know for sure that he/she would leave you as soon as the purpose of getting out of the pain of previous relation is achieved. And you would be just as rebounder for him/her.
Inciting Jealousy
Some people go for a rebound relationship to incite streaks of jealousy. They generally choose ex-partners for this. If you have been dating your ex-partner just because you want to rub things on the wrong end of the person who has just broken up with you, know that this can cause more harm to you in the process, rather than him/her. You broke up with your ex just because he/she didn’t meet your expectations. You then went into an affair with the other person which though lasted long, wasn’t long enough. However, now when you go back to the first one, you would be calling in more trouble for yourself than him/her. You need to realize that he wasn’t good enough for you in the first place, which was why the two of you discontinued. Now, how can you go back to him/her just because you want to teach the person a lesson?
From the above mentioned points, one thing which clearly points out is that you should never choose to go in a rebound relationship, as a person is never in a right mental state to take accurate decisions then. Give yourself some time to heal and come out of the trauma. A rebound relationship, most of the times, backfires, causing you more damage than good.  

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