Rebound relationship is the strongest vice that a victim of heartbreak exploits. Rebound relationships are often repented upon. Read on to study the signs of a rebound relationship.

Rebound Relationship Signs

All good things come to an end. It’s a fact that we despise coming to terms with, but for majority of us we find ourselves mouthing this saying at the lowest points in our lives. When we lose the one thing that we made the center of our world, we lose a huge chunk of our soul. We crave emotional healing and pounce at the easiest opportunity for getting into another relationship. Rushing into a new relationship barely moments after the termination of your previous one is the palpable determinant that you are hunting for a rebound partner. Rebound relationships are unhealthy and often cause sorrow to the targeted victim. You are drowning in a pool of memories and expect your rebound partner to save you. Rebound relationships seldom last since their foundation is never built on true love. No doubt that rebound relationship serves the purpose of distracting you from the emotional heartache triggered by the break up, however, in the long run, it doesn’t solve the problem as deep down in your heart lies a burning desire to be rekindled with your ex. Keep reading to unravel the signs of a rebound relationship. Keep away from them for a better future.
Signs of a Rebound Relationship
Too Quick, Too Fast
It’s over! A funeral pyre plays in the back of your head. Every second that passes, you hear a piece of your heart float away into the abyss of doom. You are inconsolable! What’s the best remedy? The last time you hit the bar, you only ended up in a malodorous washroom! Why not jump the gun and have a little fun? A rebound relationship is always at your disposal! Let the haunting memories of your ex burn out, as you accustom your eyes to your new target, your new potential lover! Absolutely not! This throbbing sense of urgency to attain closure of your past lover indicates that you are only paving the way for a hurtful rebound relationship!
Just Can’t Get Him/Her Out Of Your Head
Every time your rebound touches you from behind, you turn around with subliminal hopes that you will encounter the face of your ex! Every time you and your new rebound partner exchange a long passionate kiss, you deduce that it was passionate only because you closed your eyes and imagined yourself to be liplocked with your ex. Depending on how long and intense your past relationship was, cherished memories will be all the harder to erase. This doesn’t mean that you must pressurize yourself to block every memory, but consider the injustice done to the present partner you have roped into the ballgame of your love life. And if you cannot shake off the images of your ex from your troubled mind, it’s time you put an end to that.
He/She is Terrific But I’m Still Not Too Happy
It so turns out that you love just about everything your rebound partner! He/she has watched the entire Star Trek series over a hundred times and is willing to watch it once again with you! You both hate tomatoes and love black olives! When it comes to compatibility, you could not have chanced upon a better match! Nevertheless, every time you meander down the park lanes, flashes of memory keep bombarding you skull. You miss your ex's mesmerizing smile, the intoxicating laugh, the touch of his/her hand and the list would never end. Bottom line is that by escaping reality and resorting to a long-term rebound relationship will only make matters worse! Nip it in the bud, won’t you!
Tool Of Jealousy
Subconsciously, you might single out a prospect for a new relationship with the latent intentions of using him/her as a tool to incite seething jealousy in the eyes of your ex. You want your ex to miss you and regret conforming to the decision to end the relationship! Especially if the rebound prospect is good looking, chances of your ex succumbing to jealousy are doubled. As a rebound partner, you will soon realize that you are nothing but a pawn in a never ending dual game of love.
Rebound relationships are futile and often cause more damage than respite. Introspect and confront your innermost feelings. Don’t toy with anybody else’s feelings. It’s not worth it.

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