Have you ever dreamt of dating a celebrity? Well, what if the dream comes true and you actually get an opportunity to date one? In this article, we have provided info on how to date a celebrity.

How To Date A Celebrity

You wake up one morning only to find a scented letter attached to the daily newspaper at your doorstep saying that you are invited by your favorite celebrity for a candle light dinner. Have your eyes widened like never before? Is your heart thumping hard enough for people to hear it? Are a number of questions racing past your mind? At young age, most of the girls and boys dream of achieving great heights in life, but apart from this, they also have a common dream of dating their favorite celebrity. The fame and money coupled with magnetic personality and charismatic looks of a celebrity attracts the young population a lot. Though celebrities are much like normal people, it is their profession that makes them popular. They come into limelight for their work and are much loved and adored by the masses for the same. Say it or not, each of us has dreamt of dating a celebrity at least once in our life time. However, most of the times the dreams remain intact, that is they remain as “dreams” and do not get fulfilled. Nevertheless, in the recent times, the advertisement campaigns have actually lessened the gap between the celebrities and the masses. Today, most of the brands indulge in advertorial activities wherein they give their customers an opportunity to meet the “stars”, upon fulfillment of certain conditions. If you too have hit bull’s eye and have bagged a chance to date your favorite star, then this article would be of help. While dating a celebrity, do not get overwhelmed neither get overboard. The trick is to be as normal as you can. After all, come what may, your favorite star is also a human being like you. Herein we have provided information on how to date a celebrity.
Tips On Dating A Celebrity
  • Dress in a very attractive way. Your look would undoubtedly cast your first impression on the celebrity. It’s the first step towards making a positive image in the mind of the celebrity. So, make sure that you put the best of your attire and look decent yet stunning.
  • Never build an image of the celebrity in your mind by what the media thinks or people say. Instead, go with a clear mind and try to analyze on your own. Once you spend time and talk to the celebrity, you would get to know what he/she is like in real. 
  • Try to choose a private place for the date, where you would not get disturbed by the celebrity’s fans and spectators. Fans will interrupt your conversation with the celebrity at a crowded place. A private place makes your date smooth and will let the two of you know each other better.
  • When you meet the celebrity, take three deep breaths so that you do not faint or have a panic attack. Just calm down your shooting excitement levels. Extend your hand for a handshake. In response, your favorite star is most likely to smile and ask for your name.
  • While on a date, do not ever try to be fake or phony in front of the celebrity. Be yourself and treat the celebrity like a common man. After all, doesn’t he/she too eat the same meal as you do or sit the way that normal people do? So, why look onto him/her as someone extraordinary or out of the universe?
  • While most of stars start the conversation on their own, some of them are of the shy types. For the second type, you need to make an effort to start the conversation. Make a list of all the things that you always wanted to say to him/her. Start the conversation causally as you would do if you were talking to your best buddy. Then, when the two of you get comfortable, say him/her all that you always wanted to.
  • In case you are madly in love with him/her and want to propose him/her right away, know that a proposal does not just mean blurting out those three magical words. Instead, try to genuinely praise the celebrity. It will make the celebrity lean more towards you. Once the two of you are comfortable with each other, slowly forward yourself and pop out the words. Alternatively, you can also compose a poem or letter to express yourself. But know that the poem or the letter has to be your own and not something picked up from the World Wide Web.
  • Show your care to the celebrity. Try to fulfill his/her desires and make him/her enjoy the date, rather than he/she taking all the effort for you. This will make the celebrity realize that you are not just behind his/her looks or fame, but are actually in love with him/her.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to carry along the best of etiquettes and manners. Least of all you need is to ruin your date with your favorite celebrity due to lack of social decorum and protocol. However, don’t get overboard and be saccharine sweet to him/her. Your efforts would look spurious then. Have fun and make the most of the opportunity. After all, you don't get to meet your favorite celebrity every day.  
So, are you ready for the most exciting day of your life? Follow the tips given above on how to date a celebrity and you will surely end up building an enduring impression and a lasting charm in the heart of the celebrity!

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