If you've being worrying for quite sometime about why your woman is constantly lying to you, then read on. Check out this article to find out the top reasons as to why girls lie.

Why Do Women Lie

Most often, it is the man due to which a breakup occurs in a relationship simply because he is deemed to be cheating and lying to his partner. To deal with such a situation and make matters simpler, men are considered to be born cheats, by most women. While the fact that men are cheats since times immemorial cannot be overlooked, women, too, are not far behind. From being regarded as loyal and faithful by their partners, to being big time bilks, the female folks have changed tremendously over the years. And hence, many women can be found cheating on their partners or, at least, speaking out white lies to them. What could be the reasons behind such behavioral change? Why is it that women today are finding it difficult to utter the truth? Are they actually into other relationships or is it some deep dark truth that they are hiding? Reasons could be many. Let’s find out some of them in the lines below.
Reasons Why Girls Lie
Reduced Satisfaction
If your partner isn’t enjoying love-making for quite sometime, it sure is an alarming sign for you guys. For if you aren’t able to sexually satisfy her, she is definitely cooking up a different recipe with another handsome guy on your back. No matter how rich and wealthy you are, if you cannot stand up to your partner’s expectations, she is bound to lie to you in order to get her desires fulfilled elsewhere. And in the fear of being caught, you can expect lots of lies from her.
More Attention
It is the attention that most women yearn for from their partners. And hence, they demand for total attention from them. But if you are not being sensitive to her feelings, she is bound to speak out words and phrases in order to gather your attention and receive the much-needed appreciation. So, keep praising her to stop her from lying further.
Hiding The Past
Maybe she had a bad relationship in the past which she doesn’t want to share with anyone, and not even you, as she is afraid of being rejected or turned down. Thus, she wants to forget the past and start afresh, which could be the reason why she is lying to you.
Protecting Herself
There are times when your partner avoids revealing her feelings or emotions simply because she fears that she would be hurt in the process. Hence, you’ll notice that she is maintaining distance from you as she doesn’t want to turn weak and helpless. Though this behavior is common in most relationships, maintaining an honest and sincere relationship in the long-run would not be possible in such a scenario. Thus, you need to find a solution for the same.
You’re Not Trustworthy
If you are not reliable and dependable enough, how can you expect your girl to divulge her secrets and private things to you? Thus, do not blame her for hiding them or changing the topic, lest she would have to reveal them to you.
Just like men lie to their partners, it is normal for a woman to act the same in order to take revenge. If you have a habit of lying or cheating on your partner, you have no right to blame her for doing the same. As such, women know that men are bound to be more hurt when they find out about their girls cheating on them. It simply is a matter of fair vengeance.
With this, the general perspective of men always lying has been proven wrong. Today, women also lie equally, for different reasons though.

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