Wish to cast your spell on the dude, but don’t know how? If yes, steer through these naughty and neat tips and know everything on how to woo a guy.

How To Woo A Guy

Low-cut top? Checked! Sexy Stilettos? Checked! Pretty Pout? Checked! With everything on your checklist almost in place, it is time to take on the night with full gusto and get all the men wowing! However, contrary to what most women think, winning a stud’s attention is not always a cinch. It can be exasperating to be surrounded by a group of gorgeous looking men and yet not know of any tactic to break the ice and grab their eyeballs. A sexy outfit and seductive maneuvers can allure a guy, but it takes more than just killer looks and a dainty demeanor to impress him. Before you launch your full-on flirtation act, know that guys are hooked to anything that intrigues them, and by that, we mean the “less-obvious factors” like your intellect and confidence. The cue is to think beyond the obvious and use subtle charms to hook him. Here is a list of sizzling and surprising tactics that will not just help you woo a guy, but would also help you know what makes a dude tick. 
How To Attract A Guy
  • Glossy lips, low-cut tops and killer heels can wow a guy, but not make him fall head over heels in love with you! Remember, it takes much more than stealthy tactics to woo a guy. It does not really matter how gorgeous your outfit is or how sensual your pout looks, if you are not a confident chick, your chances are as good as gone. Guys cannot stand demure dolls. They find confident girls quite a game. So, before you slip into your gorgeous gown, make sure to primp up your confidence for a win-win bet!
  • Do you wish to score high on that perfectly datable dude? If your answer is an ardent yes, try hurling him a compliment and get him absolutely stumped. Well-lined compliments not only tot up as the perfect icebreakers, but also reveal oodles about your confidence and charisma. Just time your praise well and make your words sound convincing enough and girl, you have all the attention you can handle and maybe even more.
  • It is really tough to know what makes a guy tick! Nevertheless, we do know one thing for sure, and that is that men find women with a sense of humor irresistible. In fact, men find women who guffaw over their wild, “kick-in-the-groin” humor a good sport and fun to be with. So, the next time he gets cracking, do not forget to have a hearty laugh and soon the ball will be in your court.
  • A slow swivel of your head, a flirty grin or a minute long glance can instantly up your “hot” quotient and get you noticed. Men cannot resist certain flirty maneuvers. So, bait your man with your subtle body moves and get him falling for your lines and sinkers. Be a perfect coquette, gaze deep into his eyes, batting your lids occasionally and make his heart flutter.
  • Unlike what most women think, guys definitely dig for attention. In addition, the best way to grab his eyeballs is to lavish him with your interest. However, do not go down too heavily on him as it might just wane off his interest. Every guy loves a bit of a chase. So, even while you keep his gaze locked to yours, do not go overboard in your display of acute attention. 
Try these above tips on how to woo a man and get him floored! These irresistible laws of attractions are likely to flood you with attention from left, right and center!

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