Marriages are made in heaven, but are made a success on earth. Scroll down these tips on successful marriage and know what makes a marriage tick against all odds.

Successful Marriage Tips

It’s really easy to assume your relationship to be infallible and rock solid when in love. Nevertheless, when a minor tiff takes the shape of a boiling brawl and romance seems to stand on a rocky ground, it’s really not easy to feel all that lovey-dovey or extend an olive branch towards your partner. So, what do you do? Let your years of love, trust and affection slip away and head for the splitsvilla. While it’s easy to let go of a relationship and call it quits, the most difficult part is to hold on to it and make it last long. Relationships, as someone once said, are like a roller coaster rides, and the highs and lows of it is what makes this ride of a lifetime all the more engrossing. When it comes to marriage, ups and downs are inevitable. It’s only by going through these highs and lows that one can attain the deepest level of connection and lay the cornerstone of a lasting relationship. Trail down the following tips on successful marriage and fortify your conjugal bond.  

Tips for Happy Married Life

  • Navigating through a relationship is almost like steering down an unknown destination without a GPS. Half of the time, you don’t even know what to expect. However, this mystery and romance is what makes a relationship tick. As much as you would like to know everything about your spouse and dig deep into his/her closet to uncover hidden skeletons, understand that certain amounts of mystery and secrecy is actually good for any relationship. Just learn to respect each other’s privacy and in that way you guys will be doing a big favor to your lives and your marriage as well.
  • While it’s understandable for you to go completely out of the way and do things for you partner, remember that doing so would only increase expectations on his part and resentment on yours, more so when you realize that your compliance is being taken for granted. Result - frustration, disappointment and resentment. One big secret to a happy marriage is to learn to give each other space. While a marriage maybe the most important thing for you, learn to divest your thoughts and time to other things as well. In that way, you won’t just end up giving more space to your partner, but also save yourself and your spouse from being trapped in a suffocating relationship.
  • The inevitable arguments about who does the dishes and who pays the bills can cause turbulence in relationships. Fighting with your spouse is no fun. And when a dispute raises its head, you secretly fear that your love might erode. Well, arguments don’t really have to turn into bedroom brawls all the time. In fact, relationship experts opine that a little bit of fighting boosts intimacy in a relationship and shows that you have invested enough to air your gripe than just bottle up things, which can lead to worse complications.
  • If you have been seething over something hurtful, which your spouse did or said, it’s important to let him/her know about it. And for that, it’s important to keep your communication lines open. You can’t really expect your partner to read your mind and vice versa. If you have been brewing resentment in your heart, it’s important to clear the air before things go really nasty and ugly. The trick is to talk and share. Communication blurs all differences and brings two people closer. Try this. It really works!
  • No matter how much you love each other, if the romantic chemistry between you and your partner is drab, then there’s nothing saving your relationship from going down the drain, sooner or later. Physical intimacy is one of the key factors that keep a relationship going strong. Poor levels of physical intimacy can create problems outside the bedroom and lead to bitterness, dissatisfaction, and emotional distance. Rekindle the intimacy in your relationship and keep the passion alive. The trick is to understand each other’s needs and reciprocate.
A marriage is the most baffling of all relationships. You never really know what makes it tick or fall apart. However, if you wish to keep things hot and spicy for long, then these successful marriage tips should make your romance rock solid.

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