If you are looking for a happy marriage recipe to foolproof your relationship, then this article should leave you high on love, trust and marriage.

Happy Marriage Recipe

Ingredients Required

  • 4 cups of Love
  • 2 cups of Loyalty
  • Dash of Faith
  • 3 cups of Kindness
  • 4 cups of Understanding
  • 1 cup of Friendship
  • 5 spoonfuls of Hope
  • 1 barrel of Laughter
  • Pinch of Forgiveness (no substitutions)
  • Dash of Thoughtfulness (not optional)
Just take generous dosages of love and loyalty and blend it with faith, kindness, understanding, friendship and hope and sprinkle it with laughter and fun, serve it garnished with forgiveness, thoughtfulness and warmth, and see your love skyrocket to great heights! Well, if you are wondering if there in actuality exists any perfect recipe for a happy marriage, it is this! If you thought that chocolates, gifts and a searing chemistry is all it takes to make a marriage last, you probably have no clue on what it takes to make an awesome twosome. Matrimony is the union of two hearts, two bodies and two minds that calls for love, respect, trust and patience to survive. If your partner and you have got what it takes to build a successful relationship, then there is little stopping you guys from sticking together till the end. Go through this write-up to explore more on the keys to a happy marriage. 
Simple Ways to Make Your Marriage Happy
Love Your Partner As You Love Yourself!
A marriage is a lot like a roller-coaster ride! The highs of responsibilities and lows of incompatibility is often what it takes to drive even the most lovey-dovey of couples off the rocker. The only key to survive a relationship breakdown is love. When things seem to go awfully wrong between a couple, so much so that things seem to fall apart, the only thing that can get them together is honest appreciation of each other's feelings and a good deal of love. It’s only love that can drive two people to the deepest level of connection and forge a watertight bond.
Hold Your Patience
You love your hubby and feel that you know pretty much everything about him, his quirks and his mood swings. However, at times he says or does things that make you go “Huh! What?” Before you lose your marbles and scream out at your partner for being totally unreasonable and irrational, just hold your patience and remind yourself that there is a valid reason behind his behavior. It’s just that he is not willing to discuss it now. Wait for your partner to calm down and discuss it later when both of you are in a better position to talk about it.
I Believe!
One of the biggest relationship boosters is trust. It can be heart breaking to see your partner snooping around, stealthily checking your IMs and e-mails or doubting you of an extra-marital affair, more so when you know that your partner’s doubts are unfounded. Remember, trust is the only glue that saves a marriage from falling apart. The cue is to erase all insecurities from your partner’s mind and forge trust. Talk to your partner and show him/her that you care and that he/she means the world to you.
“Respect” Is The Word!
It may be that your partner doesn’t remotely fit into your partner eligibility requirements. However, that doesn’t really mean that you should dump him/her in the trash can. One of the biggest keys of a happy marriage is to accept the other person as he/she is and respect his/her individuality. In that way, you will learn to like things about the other person and maybe even fall head-over-heels in love with him/her someday. Remember, no one is perfect, and that includes you too. So, before you crib about your partner’s looks, paycheck or his/her humble condo, just know that respecting your partner as you would like him/her to respect you would only foster stronger bonds.
Try this happy marriage recipe and foolproof your relationship from falling apart!

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