Want to take up body piercing as a profession? Wondering how to go about accomplishing your dreams? Explore ways to become a body piercer in this article.

How To Become A Body Piercer

The youngsters of today want to keep themselves abreast with the latest fashion trends and style statements. So, whether it is wearing the latest styled outfit or getting a tattoo done, they do not hesitate to try anything as long as the same puts them up in the fashion circuit. One amongst the latest fashion fads followed today is body piercing. It is, undoubtedly and by far, the most happening and popular style statement emerging out today. While piercing in the yesteryears was constrained to women folks who would get their ears and nose pierced, today this fashion trend is enjoyed by men too. Just as the name says, body piercing can be done on any part of the body and not just the ears and nose. This is why you can see piercing done on eyebrow, cheek, belly button, lips, tongue and even on private body parts today. An art that has its roots well laid in the olden days when it was a part of the traditional ritual practiced by many civilizations and cultures, body piercing regained its lost glory and momentum in the recent years as more and more youngsters got their body parts pierced. The extreme popularity has made it a great career choice as well. Many young guns today aim at becoming a body piercer. The profession would not only help them earn their bread and butter, but also keep them close to their passion for fashion. However, to become a body piercer, you need a certification. Next comes the step of becoming an apprentice, getting the training and finally, starting piercing. Find here various ways to become a body piercer.
Ways To Become A Professional Body Piercer Artist
  • There are institutions which provide training in body piercing. They teach piercing on specially made silicon bodies for great accuracy. These institutions also teach legal issues and professional ethics related to it. They also teach how to advertise for the same. Simultaneously, you also learn methods to make your business successful at a later stage. Online courses are also available which offer certification. However, do not go for them as they may fool you. Plus, you will not have any practical training if you opt for one.
  • Under a well established body piercer, become an apprentice. You can search out any well reputed shop or center of body piercing and ask for the apprenticeship. An apprenticeship refers to the training period. During this period, you would get a practical training and experience of piercing. It starts from the very basics to the skilled professional piercing. Apprenticeship allows you to learn more about the profession and also gives you a chance to practice under the supervision of the professional piercer.
  • The training period usually lasts for about 3 to 6 months. During the training period, you not only learn the art of piercing, but also other safety measures like sterilization, disinfection, cross-contamination and so on. These are extremely important for you to know if you aim to become a body piercer as these would help you accomplish the task of piercing correctly. Also, piercing under the vigil guidance of safety measure would help you achieve success.
  • To become a professional body piercer, you also need to know about the quality of jewelry, tools and instruments used in piercing. This would help you give your customers a brief knowledge about what is good and what not for them.
  • Learning the troubleshooting methods is also required to become a body piercer. Not every time is everything under control. As such, problems are bound to occur. You should abreast yourself of the ways to resolve a tricky situation. Many a times, during piercing, things go out of hand. This could be in the form of infections, too much blood oozing out and so on. In such circumstances, you need to know how to resolve matters and bring everything back in control.
  • Keep on attaining the seminars and workshops dedicated to body piercing to know more about human anatomy, hygiene and techniques of the same. This would also help you know the latest happening in the world of body piercing.
Additional Tips
  • Before making a choice, ask yourself whether or not you really want to become a body piercer as this job demands a lot of passion and dedication.
  • Examine yourself on whether or not you can handle the instruments used in piercing confidently. Shaky hands and under-confident self are the last things that body piercing demands.
  • Also, look at the financial prospects in the field of body piercing, lest you crib later on in life that the job does not pay you enough to enjoy a comfortable life.
Now you are just a few steps away in making your dream and aim come true. Just follow these ways to become a body piercer; you can become a well established and skilled piercer of all time.

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