Had a fight with your best friend? Want to resolve it? Don’t waste time with your ego; learn how to say sorry to friends. This article contains tips for saying sorry to a friend.

How To Say Sorry To Friends

Friends are very important and precious part of our lives. We share each happiness and sorrow with them. Also, we spent maximum time in their company and make million memories. We laugh, cry and even fight with them. Sometimes, we hurt our friends and due to our ego we do not apologize as well. But when we hurt our friends, we should make efforts to solve the issue. A simple way which seems difficult to most of us is to say sorry for whatever happened. Apologizing is the key to make everything like before. Many people believe that apologizing is admitting that they are guilty and lowering down their pride, which is why most people expect the other person to come and say sorry. People associate sorry with the surrender of the inner power and blaming oneself to what had happened. This is why they become reluctant in doing so. But, you need to understand that saying sorry is basically making an effort to make the friendship flourish like before. Saying sorry should not be associated with your view point on the situation, it should deal with the emotions of the other person you have hurt. Saying sorry is required to avoid the fight becoming incurable between the two best buddies. If you too have hurt your best friend by any chance and are now repenting for the same, know that just repenting would not do the trick. You need to say sorry to him/her and ask for forgiveness. This would, by no chance, lower your self esteem or self worth. Instead, a single sorry would repair things between the two of you and make everything like before. Read through the following lines and know how to say sorry to friends.
Saying Sorry To A Friend
  • When you hurt your friend, it becomes your duty to resolve the issue. Even if it is just a misunderstanding between the two of you, step forward and say sorry. Take responsibility to bring back the essence of love in the relationship. If you do not leave your ego and pride, the issue will just take a bigger shape. To apologize to your friend effectively, all you need to do is look in the friend’s eyes and say “I am sorry”. This sorry should be followed by a warm hug.
  • If the hurt friend has stopped talking to you and has not left any way for you to communicate, don’t waste time. Instead, go and write a letter. Write the letter to the point and do not show much emotion. Too much emotion will only dramatize the letter. Pen your apologies and write how important is that friend in your life and how much you cherish his/her friendship. Spray a nice fragrance on the letter and post it. The friend will surely call you after receiving the letter.
  • How about buying a sorry card or a gift for your friend that communicates your apologies? Sometime a card or affectionate gift helps you saying sorry effectively for which you were trying so hard. The gift will automatically express your feelings and let your friend know that you are truly apologizing. Accompany the gift with a small letter or smiley. It always works.
  • Call your friend or leave a message on his/her answering machine. In your apology, let your friend know how much this friendship means to you and that your are sincerely sorry for whatever happened.
  • Apologize sincerely and give time to your friend to overcome the situation. While some people take less time to forgive and forget, others take long. Whatever it is, don’t lose your patience. You know your friend is worth the effort.  
  • Promise your friend that you will never hurt him/her again and be sure of not repeating the same again. This surety would bring back the goodness and richness of the relationship.
  • Don’t ever blame your friend as to what had happened, while apologizing. Understand your friend’s feelings and emotions. If you blame your friend, nothing will be the outcome. The situation will only get worse.
With these ways to say sorry to friends, you can always resolve the issue between you and your best friend effectively, and make the friendship a long-lasting one.

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