Do you spend a lot of time to organizing your room? Does the effort go in vain as the room gets messy before long? You need to know how to stay organized. Explore steps for staying organized.

How To Stay Organized

Is your home a mess? Do you want to overcome the clutter? People often become careless about keeping their belongings at the right place and then, not finding them later. One solution to this problem is by staying organized. By managing your stuff at right place and organizing yourself a bit, the battle is half won. But, remember, it is only half won as you need to stay organized, lest you make a mess out of everything and then start the whole process again. Lack of the ability to stay organized will slowly revert you back to the same clutter. As such, take out some time to throw away the unwanted stuff from your room - this way you can reach half way to your problem. It will create more space to keep your necessary stuff and help you climb a step ahead towards getting organized. In the following line, we have provided information on how to stay organized.
Tips For Staying Organized
  • Decide which things you require the most currently. Throw away the things which are useless to you now. Buy some trash bags and put all the unwanted stuff into it every month or two. This will be your first step towards staying organized. Never keep unnecessary things in your drawer as they will soon become a mess. Once you are over with it, maintain it. Do not become casual and always keep only the required stuff in your cupboards and other drawers.  
  • Assign and specify places to keep the things. For example, to keep cosmetic, assign a particular drawer near your dressing area and for your night clothes, specify particular cupboard to put them. Doing this will make you to find your stuff easily and you become very much organized. However, after taking so much effort, don’t become lazy later on. In order to stay organized, keep all your things at the specified place only.  
  • Plan your next day in advance and take out things that you will require. Put these things at one specific place, so that you don’t get frustrated later on. Devoting little time at early stage is better than wasting much time later on, as that would only leave you frustrated at the end of the day. Strictly follow this habit always; it will greatly help you to stay organized.
  • Manage your time. If you need to go somewhere at 10:00 am, get yourself ready by 9:45. Devote these 15 minutes in keeping all the stuff at their right place. Inculcate this time management skill in yourself and implement it each day.  
  • Keep things in such a manner that you can easily find them. For example, keep the washing detergent near the washing machine so that you do not have to run about in the whole house when it’s time to wash your clothes. Also, label the drawer by the particular name of the thing. Always keep the various things at their specified place only. If you keep them anywhere according to convenience or due to less time, your whole effort will go in vain.
  • Some stuff in our home is required at more than one place. Specify double places for them and label them. For example, scissors are required in home office as well as in the kitchen. So, the best would be to get two pairs of the same and place them accordingly. It will also be convenient as you wouldn’t have to run about to the kitchen when you need one while working. Make proper use of these changes in your house in order to stay organized.
  • You can also create a list of the task to be completed every week. This can be done in your personal diary or you can a buy a small white board and hang it on the wall where it is easily visible. White board is more preferred, as it reminds you of the stuff to do every time you see it. Compete with yourself in finishing these tasks. Once a particular task is done, rub it from the board and write the next one which was in cue. To stay organized, never feel lazy or skip writing the tasks on the white board. If you skip writing the task, you would skip doing the same also.
  • Set small targets for yourself. You would complete it quickly and also, completing it would give a very nice feeling to you. For example, if you have 3 drawers in your dressing table, clean up one at a time. Also, make a motive of completing at least one small task in a day. Stay with your motives and after their completion, assign new ones.
  • Decide bigger task to be completed on weekends. Always take at least one task to complete on weekends. This will greatly help you to stay organized.
  • Never put stuff at a drawer near to you because you are feeling lazy to move your body a little. Spend some seconds to put the things in their specified places only. If this habit continues, you will not only stay organized, but also have less add-on work for the weekend. So be energetic and always show enthusiasm to keep the things at their specific places only.
  • We, as a human being, have a tendency to grab laziness. To overcome this problem, ask some friends or family to remind you of the tasks you need to complete in a week. Also, always be self motivated. Talk about all your efforts to your friends and inform them about new tasks, so that they can remind you. Never skip to inform them or else you would skip to do the task as well.  
  • Always carry a small notepad in your pocket. In case you hear something about keeping yourself organized or anything motivating you towards staying organized, write it down in the notepad. Never feel shy to take a note and maintain them to refer anytime.
  • Purchase a file to attach all the bills and receipts to it. After few months, discard the oldest out of all. Continue this habit and change files whenever required. Never take it as a waste of time if you want to stay organized.
  • Never overcrowd your house buying stuff which you actually don’t require currently. To stay organized, try to control yourself while out shopping and always buy the most necessary of stuff.
  • Analyze how you spent your day/week. Make a list of “to do” things and eliminate activities which seem to be a waste of time. In order to stay organized, maintain this list and keep on updating it.  For instance, if you spend too much of time gossiping with your friends about something that does not concern your life or his/her, refrain from doing this. Instead, clear the mess that is on your table, bed, chair or closet. This way, you would use your time fruitfully.
  • If due to any happening, you fail to complete the tasks for the day, remember that tomorrow will come. Be sincere to complete these tasks. Never leave them for future.
  • Teach your kids and other family members to adapt these traits to stay organized. Teach them every day.
  • Create storage in your home wherever possible. This will create more space to keep your stuff separately in an organized manner. After creating storage, don’t put unnecessary item in it. Instead, make a wise use of it.
Note that you just need a little planning and a lot of will power to make a routine and then, stay with the same. Grab these steps to stay organized to make life easier and happier!

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