Do you often feel depressed in the absence of your loved ones? You may be a victim of homesickness. Want to cure yourself from this state? Read further to know how to cure homesickness.

Homesickness Cures

Since childhood a person gets attached to a number of things. This attachment makes it difficult for him/her to adjust in new and unfamiliar conditions without the presence of the loved ones. Homesickness is a common phenomenon which is experienced by most of us at some point of our lives, especially at the young age. It is basically a psychological condition, which can be caused due to a number of reasons like separation from home, parents or even some object with which the person is much attached to. This separation can be actual as well as anticipated. This state of mind can give rise to anxiety and depression. If the homesickness is not cured at the right time, it may become severe. Kids and youngsters are the easiest victims of homesickness. While kids feel helpless on attending the first day of the school without their parents, youngsters go through separation anxiety when they enter boarding school or college. Homesickness in its simplest definition is the feeling of missing home and loved ones. It can manifest in different forms such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder and emotional breakdown. Apart from these, physical symptoms like health problems can also be caused in severe cases. Homesickness can also become fatal as the person may develop suicidal tendency. Find out how to cure homesickness in the lines below.
How To Cure Home Sickness
For Children
Parents have a great role in helping their children to get out of the feeling of homesickness. Children need to be convinced mentally that that they are going away for a short span of time and will soon be coming back. Parents can tell their children about the benefits of the trip that the school is taking them for. A good way to lessen homesickness is by making the kids friendly with the other children. Fill in excitement in them which will overshadow homesickness. Also, don’t forget to pack in your kid’s favorite pillow or toy in the luggage, so that whenever he/she feels lonely or misses you, he/she can tightly hug the pillow or the teddy. Assure your little one that you will always stay in contact with him/her and that he/she can ask the teacher to make a phone call whenever desired. Once the child comes back from the trip, make sure to congratulate him/her. However, in case the child just does not want to go for the trip, never force.
For Teenagers & Adults
Teenagers suffer from homesickness, especially during their first year in boarding school or college. The alien atmosphere and new faces make them homesick. In such a situation, all that they want to do is go back home and be in company of their parents and old friends. While parents can motivate their teen child and remind him/her as to why he/she was sent in the first place, the major chunk needs to be done by the teenager himself. Unlike small children, teenagers cannot be persuaded easily just by words. The best cure for homesickness in teenagers is that they learn to tackle the problem on their own. Making new friends at the college or school, trying to get comfortable in the new environment, checking out and exploring new places, shopping, participating in different activities, reading novels are some ways through which teens can divert their mind from the craving to go back to the cocoon. Also, staying in constant touch with parents and old friends and visiting them during holidays is a great way to satisfy the urge for going back.
Additional Tips
  • If you are going to stay away from home for long, pack some of your most affectionate things like your favorite pillow, book or simply a picture of your family.
  • While packing, pick some stuff that would assist you in decorating your new house. Adoring the new house/lodging from stuffs that you brought from home is a great way to heal homesickness, as it would give your new home a touch of the old one.
  • When low and down, distract yourself from thinking much or sitting alone for a long time by watching your favorite show on television, listening music or surfing, etc. 
  • Whenever you feel like or get time, call your home and friends and share your new life with them. Talking about new things and sharing old stuff would make you feel better. Also, if you feel like crying, simply cry. The outburst would give a vent to your feelings and emotions.
  • If you are going away from home, choose the right place to reside, which offers if not all, most of the facilities you enjoy in your actual home. Also, make sure your new home provides good homemade food. Getting homemade food in a new place helps a lot in curing the homesickness. This will not make you feel out of place.
  • Be social and make a lot of friends so that you can always have someone to talk whenever you feel lonely. Go out with them and have fun.
  • Make use of the technology; carry your laptop with you so that you stay connected with everyone through social networking sites, see photos and videos anytime you want. You can even go for video chatting through webcam. Write blogs sharing almost anything and everything you want.
Hope you now got to know how to cure homesickness. These homesickness cures really help in getting out of the psychological sickness building in the mind before it takes a serious face.

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