‘What to wear’ is the most obvious question to haunt you, once you receive an invitation to a wedding reception. Read the article for some help on how to dress for a wedding reception.

How To Dress For A Wedding Reception

Probably, the most popular confusion pertaining to a wedding reception is how to dress for it. Not just the couple, but the invited guests are baffled with the dress issue, without many clues to help them out. The guests should look tasteful and not offend the wedding couple on the most important day of their life with a silly dress choice. While you do want to look gorgeous and classy, going too casual or too attractive can just spoil the party for you. All you have to do is to strike a fine balance with your choice of dress to make an elegant statement. If you are still confused about how to dress for a wedding reception, follow the article to find some valuable tips to help you make the right choice.
What To Wear To A Wedding Reception
  • The dress for a wedding reception is to be chosen according to the invitation. It the invitation indicates the requirement of a formal dress; a tuxedo or suit for men would be suitable, while women can wear ball gowns. Some invitations also mention the specific dress code, which just makes the job easier for you.
  • The venue of the reception may also dictate the choice of your clothes. If the reception is being organized in a formal ball room, you will do better by wearing formals. In case the reception is going to be outside, you are at liberty to wear more casual clothing.  
  • Wedding receptions are special events with a lot of glitz and glamour. Therefore, you should avoid being too casually dressed, unless the invitation mentions a dress code of jeans and t-shirts. Even if the venue is in the outdoors, your dress requires a certain degree of jazziness to go with the event. Business casual dress, such as khakis and polo shirts, can be tried, but don’t go more casual than this.
  • Avoid wearing too loud colors or too wild patterns. Loud and garish colors make you stand out in bad light. Similarly, wild patterns are not for wedding occasions. Therefore, refrain from making such bold choices.
  • Factor in the weather, while choosing the reception dress. Choosing clothing appropriate to the weather will keep you very comfortable. If you want to be too specific, you can check the weather report of the wedding day and carry a coat or an umbrella, as required.
  • You can also try to find out what the others guests are going to wear, so that you don’t end up being the oddball at the party. Once you know what others are wearing, it will be easier to match you attire with theirs, so that there is no chance of going wrong.
  • If possible, simply ask the bride or the groom regarding the dress code or what you should wear. However, this is to be seen as a last resort and you can only do this if you are very close to either one from the couple. This option is to be tried when the invitation doesn’t give you a clue and you have no other source of knowing what the right dress is.

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