There are certain etiquettes that should be followed while using a bathroom. Know the toilet etiquettes by glancing through the tips listed in this write-up.

Bathroom Etiquette

How do you find a bathroom that is soaked up in water with toilet papers loitering everywhere, right from the toilet bowl to the wash basin and the ground? Certainly an unacceptable situation! Though bathrooms may not be the most glamorous places to look at, but they are definitely necessary to visit, in order to complete your private behaviors. And when it comes to following the basic etiquettes of a bathroom, most people often overlook simply because they believe that all that they need to do is answer nature’s call and free themselves. However, to practice proper hygiene and maintain cleanliness, it is significant that you follow the toilet etiquettes to have a pleasant experience for yourself and others as well. Scroll on further to know the necessary bathroom etiquette tips.
Toilet Etiquette
Bathroom Etiquettes For Men
  • Keep distance when using a urinal, with a minimum of one empty urinal between two users.
  • However, when the bathroom is over-crowded and you cannot avoid leaving a space between urinals, avoid looking at other man’s private business. Peeking into other urinals can cost you unwanted reactions.
  • Also, it is good manners to keep your eyes forward and shunning any eye contact with someone urinating besides you.
  • Always flush the urinal or toilet after use. This is one of the most basic etiquettes to be followed while in a restroom. But if you assume touching the flush would dirty your hand considering that someone else has already fouled it up, remember, you are just one of them. What are those beautiful wash basins for? Go ahead, flush, and wash your hands.
  • Do not use your cell phone while you are easing yourself in the bathroom. The restroom has other people who can become a good audience to your conversation. Further, if the bathroom is crowded, not everyone will have the patience to wait for your talk to end. Thus, restrict business outside the toilet.
  • If you happen to make a visit to a high-end hotel or restaurant, you need to squirt out some money as tip to the bathroom valet who helps you with washing your hands and drying them.
  • If you predict your visit to the bathroom will give rise to offensive odors, switch on the bathroom fan. Practice this while you are at someone else’s place or when you have guests at your home.
  • Clean up the bathroom after you have used. Wipe the toilet seat and dry clean the counter if you have splashed water onto it.
  • Put the toilet seat down and lower the lid lest others may accidentally drop toothbrushes and other objects into the toilet.
Bathroom Etiquettes For Women
  • Do not push open a stall to check whether it is occupied or not. Bend down to see the feet. Pushing the door can send the user into a state of embarrassment who’s busy with her work.
  • After you are out of the toilet stall, wash and clean your hands to keep diseases and bacteria at bay.
  • If you’ve unintentionally splashed water on the counter, pull out a paper towel and wipe it dry. Remember, there are women just like you who place their purses on the counter. How would you feel if you find no space to put down your purse simply because it is completely soaked with water?
  • Most women use the bathroom to freshen up their looks. While it’s fine to look nice throughout, make sure that you clean up the mess so created. After brushing your hair, gather and put the fallen strands down the bin, lest you find them clinging on to your hands, slacks, and sleeves as you leave the bathroom.
  • Freshening up and applying touch-ups are okay. But when all the sinks are occupied, do not keep admiring yourself in the mirror for a prolonged period. Finish up fast and allow others to start with their work.
  • Remember, the restroom is not a meeting or business spot. If required, keep the talk minimum. How would others entering the loo to attend nature’s call find you busy with your private conversation? Uncomfortable and annoying!
  • If you find someone’s dress is tucked into her panty or pantyhose, walk up and inform her. Similarly, make a woman aware of the toilet paper hanging from her skirt or stuck into her shoes, if any.
  • If you need to blow your nose, do it in the stall while you are performing the other noisy and private behaviors. Nonetheless, you can clean the remains while you wash your hands at the counter.
  • Do not apply too much of cologne or hair spray. There may be people present who are allergic or sensitive to such odors.
  • Flush the toilet before you make an exit. And if required, flush it more than once to ensure that all the waste has been flushed down the drain.
Remember “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Thus, make a difference by following these bathroom etiquettes for a clean and sanitary toilet.

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